WWE Finishers: Rating Raw Superstars Biggest Moves (1/2)


Andrade Almas – La Sombra (Hammerlock DDT)

Andrade is an amazing athlete who made his name as “La Sombra” in Mexico, the same name he gave his finishing move in WWE. I completely respect his work in the ring, however…

A: Let me put it bluntly… I hate this move. It’s basically a DDT with a hammerlock. I’m so unimpressed that it matches my (lack of) enthusiasm for his character. Seriously Almas, there has to be a better looking move than this: X

E: While it looks lame, hardly anyone kicks out of it. He has been pretty successful as a former NXT and United States Champion. For those reasons I have to give him something: 🥈

O: I remember thinking of this move as a teenager when I was messing about with my friends. To me, it’s one of those easy to perform moves almost anybody can do. No, I’m not saying Andrade stole my idea… but clearly not much thought went in to this. Cannot think of a reason to give him another medal: X

Overall Score: 2


Angel Garza – Wing Clipper

Angel Garza has the potential to be a huge star. He has the looks and pedigree to be a great worker, but can his finisher hold up to the same standard?

A: At first glance it looks impressive. The way he sets up his opponent and drops him is sweet. However… think about what the Wing Clipper is doing. He’s basically driving them down backside first, and that’s an odd part of the body to aim for! The fact it looks kinda cool means I have to give him something, but the weird logic considerably hurts its attractiveness: 🥉

E: During a set of matches in NXT for the Cruiserweight title, Lio Rush kicked out of it. Garza also kicked out when Lio used the move against him. Since coming to the main roster, I cannot remember anyone kicking out of it, but Garza hasn’t used it much lately. There’s a feeling they may be fazing it out for something new, so I’ll give it something… but only just: 🥉

O: It’s definitely original, but not in a good way. New ideas are great, but they won’t always take the world by storm. I’m not sure what they were thinking when the producers got together with Garza and gave this a thumbs up. Again, I’ll give it something for at least trying to be something new: 🥉

Overall Score: 3 (Bronze)

Asuka – Asuka Lock (Crossface Chickenwing with Body Scissors)

The Raw Women’s Champion had an astounding year in 2020, and much of the results came from submission.

A: While it might not look as impressive as some finishing moves, it’s her opponent’s selling which makes it look dangerous. Half the battle is making this old Bob Backlund classic something to be feared, and they have all done a great job with it: 🥈

E: It’s pretty rare to see anyone escape this when Asuka locks it in, and given her win record lately and being a double champion, it has been bumped up to Gold standard: 🥇

O: I already mentioned Bob Backlund because he was the guy who made it famous. So no, there isn’t anything original about this. However, I will give Asuka’s verson something for bringing it back with a fresh coat of paint: 🥉

WWE Finishers

Overall Score: 6 (Silver)

Becky Lynch – Disarm-Her

Before maternity leave, Becky Lynch was the Raw Champion and most popular woman in WWE.

A: When you talk about some of the worst finishers in WWE, the Disarm-Her always crops up. And for good reason, it’s just an armbar… a regular move for some wrestlers. What’s with the obsession with armbar finishers? The only one who ever did it well was Alberto Del Rio, and even that was lame: X

E: It has a high win rate since Becky got over with the WWE Univese. Before that it was only just at Silver standard, but after the WrestleMania win where she became Becky 2 Belts it got bumped up to Gold: 🥇

O: There is nothing original about an armbar finisher. Alberto Del Rio. Ronda Rousey. Deonna Purrazzo, just to name a few. There are plenty more who have adopted this everyday move as a finisher, and it only makes sense if the arm is worked over throughout. Add in the fact it’s one of the worst named moves in over two decades, I cannot bring myself to give it anything more: X

WWE Finishers

Overall Score: 3 (Bronze)

Bobby Lashley – Spear, Full Nelson*

Bobby Lashley returned to WWE using the Spear (with a flip) he adopted while working for Impact Wrestling. But lately, he has instead changed to a Full Nelson. It makes sense to change it up, considering WWE has Roman Reigns, Goldberg and Edge using the Spear.

A: I have always liked the look of the Full Nelson. It’s simplicity is easily replicated by anyone getting in to wrestling, and makes sense when used by a powerhouse. Flailing the opponent around like a ragdoll adds another layer to one of the most basic wrestling holds. But in saying that, it has never gotten over to any major degree. When you think about great submission holds, the Full Nelson never gets mentioned: 🥉

E: So far it has served its purpose for Lashley. As the WWE United States Champion, it has to warrant at least a Silver, but it can’t get to Gold til he proves this move can be effective on a long term basis: 🥈

O: When he started using it, the first guy I thought of was Chris Masters. Now there’s a guy who made the “Master Lock” his own. He did it so well it’s strange seeing anyone else using it, but if anyone could pull it off it’s Lashley. Although, I feel like they should’ve gone with something more explosive. Why does no one Military Press Slam anymore? And what was wrong with Lashley’s Dominator? Because WWE had to recycle an old submission move which was already mastered by another, I guess I have to give it the same as the Asuka Lock: 🥉

Overall Score: 4 (Bronze)

Braun Strowman – Running Powerslam

For a while, Braun Strowman used the regular Chokeslam and a reverse version. I wasn’t a fan of either as it reminded me too much of The Undertaker & Kane. After a few years, as he headed toward winning a major title, he changed it up to a Running Powerslam.

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