WWE Finishers: Rating Raw Superstars Biggest Moves (1/2)


A: A running powerslam is a simple move, til you put it in the hands of a guy like Strowman. The power is emphasized by the sheer brute force of his opponent’s crashing down after he runs ’em across the ring and drops them. Because it’s so simple, it’s difficult to screw up, and Braun could do it on just about anybody. It gets more impressive the bigger his opponent is. On smaller guys it’s only worthy of a Bronze, but when you’re doing it on 300+ pound heavyweights, it’s a sight to behold: 🥈

E: Difficult to gauge, because it took him four Powerslams to put down Goldberg at WrestleMania for the Universal title. It also didn’t keep him on top for long. The fact it’s not very protected tells me that this finisher isn’t the one to bring him the most success. He needs something even more powerful… but I’m not sure what at the moment. This means it will be the first finisher not to be awarded an Effectiveness Medal: X

O: Bringing back old finishers isn’t always a bad thing. As a British fan, I love the fact they brought back good old Davey Boy Smith, The British Bulldog’s finishing move. And yes, he mastered it, but he didn’t have the sheer power behind it like Strowman does. I’m surprised it took WWE almost two decades to give someone the Running Powerslam. Still, it’s not original, but with the added strength of Strowman giving it a new lease of life, I feel like I have to give it something: 🥉

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Overall Score: 3 (Bronze)

Bray Wyatt – Sister Abigail

Bray Wyatt’s Sister Abigail is as much a part of him as his many character quirks. Not only that, but ‘The Fiend’ has passed it on to those who “let him in”; like Alexa Bliss. I’m making two entries for Bray Wyatt because he wrestles with two personas, and Alexa uses the Sister Abigail.

A: I have never been a fan of the way Sister Abigail looks. Not a fan of moves where you spin your opponent around and don’t make any real impact. The only attractive part is the setup, where they hang them down and kiss them softly on the head. It can look good if done very quickly, but most of the time it’s not enough and looks like it should be a signature move: 🥉

E: However, one thing I can say about Sister Abigail is it’s protected. Maybe not as much in the first year or so, but later in Wyatt’s career it has become more devastating. Alexa Bliss has taken it to another level, as it seems to be a Jackhammer equivalent in the Women’s Division. The move has helped Wyatt achieve much success, and Alexa is likely to follow in his footsteps. WWE shows they really like this move by taking good care of it: 🥇

O: I can’t remember anyone else using this move. Especially with the setup. Bray Wyatt has made it his own, and decades from now, people will see this move performed by others and say “look… that guy is trying to be Bray Wyatt’. That’s called being original in a good way. Even the name is perfect: 🥇

Overall Score: 7 (Silver)

The Fiend – Mandible Claw

The monster alter ego of Bray Wyatt relies heavily on his finisher to incapacitate everyone standing in front of him.

A: Ever since Mick Foley introduced it, the Mandible Claw has not been a pretty sight. It is meant to be more effective than attractive, but Foley added to this by using Mr. Socko. The Fiend doesn’t have anything extra, so it loses a touch: 🥉

E: Exceptionally dangerous, the Mandible Claw is difficult to escape from. When it’s locked on it spells doom. It does not look like anyone will ever escape The Fiend’s grasp: 🥇

O: I love how The Fiend adopted it. He didn’t use it til he came across Mick Foley, and only then did he use the Mandible Claw. Since then, it has become its most dangerous move. So while it isn’t an original finisher, the way The Fiend adopted it was: 🥇

Overall Score: 7 (Silver)

Cedric Alexander – Lumbar Check

Having seen his work in Ring Of Honor, 205 Live and Raw, I know that Cedric Alexander is one of the best athletes WWE has on its payroll. But is the Lumbar Check as good as his athletic prowess?

A: The move looks better depending on who is receiving it. The best sellers bounce off his knees. I’m a big fan of this move because it looks like it could break someone in half. There’s no other way to describe it, other than it is one of the most beautiful looking finishers in WWE: 🥇

E: Winning the Cruiserweight title at WrestleMania, and the tag team titles more recently, Cedric ensures he only uses the Lumbar Check when it’s his turn to shine. It’s as effective as it is beautiful, and something tells me it will take him even further. Just give Cedric and the Lumbar Check more time: 🥇

O: While you could say it’s almost a ripoff of the Backstabber, I don’t see it that way. How Cedric hits it is pretty unique, and I’m surprised no one thought of doing a backbreaker like this before. Maybe someone has in another promotion and I never saw it? The main thing is this is unique to Cedric, and original if you’re only watching WWE. This is the first finisher I am giving a perfect score: 🥇

Overall Score: 9 (Perfect Gold)

Charlotte Flair – Figure 8

There is no doubting that Charlotte Flair is the most decorated woman in WWE history. And it’s not all because of the name, she is way more athletic than Ric Flair ever was. Does the Figure 8 match up to his Figure Four though?

A: I’m not super in to this move. Yes, the setup for the Figure Four is one of the most iconic in wrestling. But what annoys me is that Charlotte has to go in to a backwards crab position to make it look like a variation. Her crab is supposed to make us believe she is applying more pressure on the leg lock, but it really isn’t. In fact, all she’s doing is making herself more vulnerable to a reversal.

If her opponent was strong enough to turn, she would fall over and lose grip of the hold. The beauty of the Figure Four was the mini-battles you could get, as the two opponent’s tried slapping each other. It could be reversed, reversed, reversed, and reversed again. The Figure Four was attractive in the way it could be used, but the Figure 8 is restrictive, and the crab is well… it’s just a crab. By trying to evolve the Figure Four, the Figure 8 has killed all the fun that could be had. You shouldn’t fix things that were already perfect: 🥉

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