WWE Finishers: Rating Raw Superstars Biggest Moves (1/2)


E: With the amount of championships Charlotte has won with the Figure 8, it’s a surefire, top of the range finisher with as much protection you’d think it has its own military surrounding the perimeter: 🥇

O: Is it original? Or has she just taken Ric Flair’s legendary hold, doubled the number, and stuck a crab on it? Why couldn’t she get another move over? Charlotte always said she didn’t want to live in her Father’s shadow, but by copying his finisher, it only makes older fans think of him more. At least she found a way to make the move different without changing it altogether: 🥉

WWE Finishers

Overall Score: 5 (Silver)

Dana Brooke – Samoan Driver*, Swanton

The problem with Dana Brooke is she is rarely allowed to hit any finishers, so many of us may never have seen them before. Her Swanton is very much like Jeff’s, although not as good.

A: I love the Samoan Driver because it suits her powerhouse stature. It’s a bit of shame we don’t get to see it more often, but her & Mandy Rose are getting more limelight now, so maybe we will? The Samoan Driver is perfectly suited for her, but it can only be Gold if she uses it more and learns how to send it home with more authority: 🥈

E: Like I already said, Dana Brooke so rarely gets the chance to hit this move that it’s hard to rate. I’d like to give it a Bronze, but I cannot guarantee it will bring her any future title success. When she finally enjoys a great run, then I’d consider it: X

O: I cannot remember anyone using it, although we have seen moves like this as signatures. Mike Kanellis used it for a while, but he would’ve adopted it after Dana was already in the company. I’m not seeing anyone else, so this is completely unique to Dana, although it has been used sparingly on the independent scene by Adam Cole, Nikki Cross and others as a regular move: 🥇

Overall Score: 5 (Silver)

Drew Gulak – Gu-Lock (Dragon Sleeper with Body Scissors)

Gulak may be one of the best technical wrestlers in WWE today, but sadly his wrestling ability and charisma often flies under the radar.

A: Unlike other similar submission moves, the Gu-Lock bends the opponent’s body in a way which looks more painful. Drew’s victims don’t get a chance to struggle because his body scissor is tight, and it’s him who puts in the extra motion. It truly is an underappreciated hold: 🥈

E: When he was on SmackDown, the Gu-Lock was a match for the likes of Daniel Bryan. However, when he was drafted to Raw, he was yet again slotted in to the 24/7 title picture where we probably won’t see it again for a while. I have to give it a Silver though, because I saw the devastation it caused when he lorded over 205 Live with the Cruiserweight title. If Gulak is ever given a substantial break from running around like a clown after the lowest title, the Gu-Lock will serve him as well as the Yes Lock did for Daniel Bryan: 🥈

O: The Dragon Sleeper isn’t a submission we commonly see in America, nevermind in the WWE. This makes it unique in the way that Gulak has taken notice enough to apply one of the strongest submissions of the East to his arsenal: 🥈

Overall Score: 6 (Silver)

Drew McIntyre – Claymore Kick

I remember when Drew first started using it. He described finding the move as an accident when he was in 3MB wearing tight trousers.

A: If this was a cruiserweight flying through the air with pinpoint precision, it would be impressive, but not as much as a heavyweight. What makes the Claymore look so cool is the fact it’s explosive, can happen from nowhere, and McIntyre’s long legs makes it so the aiming of his boot looks killer. You can really believe in the Claymore being a top tier finisher because Drew has worked so hard to be accurate with it: 🥇

E: While McIntyre has seen much success with the Claymore in the last year, it has not been as majorly effective as some other moves. Often there are times where it takes two or three Claymores to defend or win the WWE Championship. There are too many instances of him hitting the Claymore backstage, only for his rival to come back an hour later fresh as a daisy. With that fact, I cannot give it a Gold yet: 🥈

O: Drew went through six other finishers before he could finally settle on one he likes. And it so happened to be a move he found by accident. While it is similar to other running finishers like the Shining Wizard, I think McIntyre has done enough to make the Claymore his own, and therefore deserves to take this in to the upper echelon of WWE Finishers: 🥇

Overall Score: 8 (Gold)

Elias – Drift Away Neckbreaker*, Diving Elbow Drop

Elias spends more time talking or singing than he does wrestling, so this ranking will not be easy to judge.

A: The diving elbow drop reminds me too much of Randy Savage, so I would know if he did this often. The Drift Away Neckbreaker is the one he tends to use, but is so rare I can hardly remember it. When I see it back in videos, it doesn’t impress me in the slightest. It’s just a neckbreaker: X

E: When you can hardly remember a guys finisher, it has to be so ineffective and forgettable it doesn’t deserve any recognition: X

O: A neckbreaker as a finisher is not original because so many use it as a regular move these days. His moveset is the exact opposite of his character and the songs he plays. If only his ring work could be as creative: X

Overall Score: 0 (Terrible)


Viking Raiders – The Viking Experience* (Double Team Powerslam), Fallout (Back Suplex/Leg Drop combo)

It has been a while since we saw The Viking Raiders, but they make up the only double team finisher on the Raw Superstar list.

A: Ehh, it looks kinda cool, but compared to some other double team moves it leaves much to be desired. Also, does it need to be called “The Viking Experience”? I have a Jorvik Viking Center not so far from where I live… which is way more of an actual Viking experience. I kinda feel sorry for Erik with this move, because all he does is throw a guy in the air so Ivar can have all the fun: 🥉

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