WWE Finishers: Rating Raw Superstars Biggest Moves (1/2)


E: When The Viking Raiders were on a crazy winning streak, The Viking Experience became a regular thing against jobbers. Even when they went up against tougher opposition, it was strong enough to win tag team gold. So there’s no denying it is one of the most effective double team moves in WWE today: 🥇

O: Nope, never seen anyone else do this. Although, I kinda prefer Fall Out, but not by a long way. Would like to see them introduce something else when Ivar returns, but if not then it will do: 🥈

Overall Score: 6 (Silver)

Gran Metalik – Metalik Driver (Corkscrew Somersault Bomb)

I remember when I first saw him in the Cruiserweight Classic and thought yeah… this guy. This guy should do great things because he is one hell of a worker. He’s probably my favourite masked guy in WWE. Truly one of the best luchadors in the game when he’s allowed to set fire.

A: How do I describe this? It’s not quite a Samoan Driver or a One Winged Angel. The Metalik Driver is somewhere in-between and I love it! Not sure what else I can say about it: 🥇

E: While it will pick up a pinfall for Gran Metalik if he uses it, the frequency is so low that it’s a surprise to see it. He has also not won a single WWE Championship yet (not including the 24/7 title). Til that changes, the effectiveness of the Metalik Driver is there, but has a long way to go: 🥉

O: I don’t really know how original it is, because it’s similar to other moves, but is also not a direct copy. This is the first ranking I am really unsure about, so let’s give it a Bronze to ensure the Metalik Driver gets a Silver overall: 🥉

Overall Score: 5 (Silver)

Jeff Hardy – Swanton Bomb

Jeff Hardy remains one of the most fun risk takers in the business, and it’s not always so easy to tell, but it looks like he is enjoying his latest run with WWE.

A: This will be one of the easiest rankings. The Swanton Bomb has, and always will be perfection: 🥇

E: As Elias said to Jaxson Ryker this week… “You do not kick out of the Swanton”: 🥇

O: It’s hard to imagine anyone being more original than a Jeff Hardy moveset: 🥇

WWE Finishers

Overall Score: 9 (Perfect)

Jinder Mahal – Khallas (Cobra Clutch Slam)

Jinder has been very injury prone lately. Are you missing him? I am somewhat… but do I miss the Khallas?

A: Ugh, this move just looks like crap. I mean, even a Full Nelson Slam looks better, and the only guy to make that look kinda decent was Test. Jinder isn’t tall enough to pull this off: X

E: It may look bad, but it sure helped him become the WWE Champion. It’s effectiveness cannot be denied, but I wouldn’t say it’s Gold standard great: 🥈

O: Sure, never seen anyone do this before. But like I said for Angel Garza, bad original moves are not getting high medals just because no one else uses them. I’ll give it a Bronze so at least the Khallas can just creep in to Bronze territory:🥉

WWE Finishers

Overall Score: 3 (Bronze)

John Morrison – Starship Pain

Morrison enjoyed many years away from WWE making more of a name for himself as a Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling Champion. Upon returning to WWE, he is enjoying his time running around with good buddy Miz.

A: When you don’t take the landing in to account, the Starship Pain looks awesome! But seriously, as some may already know… Starship Pain is one of my biggest pet peeves in wrestling. Morrison misses the landing so damn much it’s not even funny. I’m tempted to leave this unmarked because I hate the move to the point I want it dead… but I guess the setup is photogenic: 🥉

E: He’s not using it much these days, especially since getting in to a team with The Miz. It might still get them the win here and there, so I got to give it something… but only just: 🥉

O: Ok, so I won’t be biased here. Starship Pain is a truly unique move that no one anywhere is doing. Rob Van Dam had something like it, the split-legged moonsault, but it wasn’t Starship Pain: 🥇

Overall Score: 5 (Silver)

Keith Lee – Spirit Bomb

Keith Lee used a different finisher altogether in NXT, so his new finisher isn’t easy to rank.

A: The Spirit Bomb is basically The Undertaker’s Last Ride, and I always enjoyed The Last Ride. Not as much as the Tombstone Piledriver, but more so than the Chokeslam. I still think Lee needs some time to master it, so for now it looks really good but perhaps will become great later: 🥈

E: The effectiveness is tough to judge because Lee’s win-loss record is sketchy since he got to the main roster. It’s somewhere in the middle: 🥈

O: Bringing back a classic in the Last Ride is welcoming, and I’m sure The Undertaker talked to Keith Lee and said “sure kid, you can use it better than me”. So with a full endorsement from The Deadman himself, it feels refreshing to give this battle tested finisher a new owner: 🥈

WWE Finishers

Overall Score: 6 (Silver)

Kofi Kingston – Trouble In Paradise

The former WWE Champion is loving life as part of The New Day, and his finisher took him on a journey like no one from Africa has ever imagined.

A: It’s the way he does it. I have no idea how he twists his body around like that, but man is it one of the coolest kicks we’re ever likely to see: 🥇

E: He has won title, after title, after title with this. One of the most effective kicks in the history of WWE: 🥇

O: And again, much like other perfect WWE finishers, everything about Trouble In Paradise is top notch. No one anywhere has a kick like Kofi’s: 🥇

WWE Finishers

Overall Score: 9 (Perfect)

Lacey Evans – The Woman’s Right

Being mentored by the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair has got to be of great benefit to a woman who struggled considerably in 2020, right?

A: I loath finishing moves that are straight punches. Logically, they make no sense. Why wouldn’t you use it right away at the start? Because there’s no setup, you should be able to. And what about regular punches? Why are they not as strong as The Woman’s Right? Also, another problem is it’s over so fast… blink and you miss it deal. Although I love the name, the move itself is nasty: X

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