WWE Finishers: Rating Raw Superstars Biggest Moves (1/2)


E: It is effective when it lands, but it hasn’t earned Lacey any titles yet. The power is there, but there’s a long way to go til it can be anything more than Bronze: 🥉

O: Completely unoriginal because William Regal did it with Brass Knuckles, and Big Show did it after that. So it’s repeating a move that has already been done to death and not so long ago: X

WWE Finishers

Overall Score: 1


Lince Dorado – Shooting Star Press

Lince Dorado is another underrated luchador with a ton of potential. Maybe one day it will finally be realized?

A: Always loved the Shooting Star Press. It takes a special athlete to hit this on a regular basis without failing: 🥇

E: Shooting Star always hits effectively, but it needs a little more if it wants to take Lince to the next level. Also, it has never taken anyone to a main event at WrestleMania, unless you’re Brock Lesnar: 🥈

O: Not an original move because there are so many guys hitting the Shooting Star. Back in Billy Kidman’s day it was a rare delight. Nowadays you see one, you’ve seen them all. Most flying finishers have been done to the point it’s not shocking anymore: 🥉

Overall Score: 6 (Silver)

Mace – Timebomb

The guy formerly known as Dio Maddin is super tall, but is his new finisher the one to help drive his career forward? By the way, his move isn’t called the Timebomb. I just called it that because it’s similar to the move Hiromu Takahashi in New Japan uses.

A: I’m failing to see the appeal of this. It looks alright, but it was botched on this week’s Raw so I didn’t get the chance to see if Mace had worked on it: X

E: It’s winning matches for Mace in one visit, so that’s a start: 🥉

O: Sure is unique in WWE. It’s going to take time and a ton of practice to make it his own though. Theres no name for it yet, so I can’t possibly rank it: X

Overall Score: 1


Mandy Rose – Bed of Roses (Lifting Double Underhook Sitout Facebuster)

After moving on from the warm relationship with Otis, Mandy seems to have found herself a new friend in Dana Brooke. But can their finishers help them achieve their first WWE Championships?

A: I’ve always liked this because it looks like you personally wouldn’t want to take it. You’re not in any control of how you land, and it’s pretty photogenic too. Awesome Kong/Kharma did her own version of it, as did Christopher Daniels. A pleasing move suitable for its user: 🥈

E: As stated above, she is still looking for a championship, so time will tell if this will do her any good. It seems protected enough to get her a medal: 🥉

O: No, it’s not an original move by any stretch. Io Shirai did it before she got to WWE, and so many others have too. Seems to be a favourite among women wrestlers for some reason? Definitely a trend: X

Overall Score: 3 (Bronze)

And there you have it! Because of the sheer volume of the Raw roster, I have had to split this in to two parts. Please check back later this week for the rest of the WWE Finishers for Raw Superstars. Thank you for reading!

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