WWE Hall of Fame 2019 Ceremony Live Review Ongoing Thoughts


The 2019 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony has started and my original intention was to do a review after the event was over, but instead, I figured I would change things up a bit by giving my ongoing live impressions of everything that was happening.

As always, I invite everyone to join in and do the same in the comments below throughout the night!

Red Carpet Special

  • I’m loving the stage and the set. I don’t know how it’ll work on a functional side of things quite yet, but the theory behind it and the first glance has me impressed.
  • Byron Saxton thinks he’s rocking a Beetlejuice look. I think this is much more “The DiBiase” from How I Met Your Mother, isn’t it?
  • Charly Caruso is killing it, again. In my opinion, she’s consistently the most stunning every year at the Hall of Fame.
  • Jeff Hardy just said “shit”, didn’t he?
  • I didn’t know Drake Maverick was with Renee Michelle.
  • Lots of love for Billy Gunn tonight. I’m glad. I think he gets overlooked quite a bit.
  • Oh hey, there’s Alicia Fox. We haven’t seen her since…
  • Kudos to Kayla Braxton for this box of questions. I think that’s a great idea just to spice things up.
  • It’s got to suck to be in a position like Gran Metalik with a full mask on for the entire night. At least Kalisto and Rey Mysterio have a good portion of their faces open, but Metalik is just full-on going to be sweating like a mad man, I’m sure.
  • Paige is looking great, which is always nice to see. I mean that less in the physical sense (although that’s true, too) and more in the means of energy and vitality.
  • Tony Nese is pretty nervous. It’s actually kind of endearing, since he rarely has acted like a babyface.
  • “I mean, they have to go to work the next day. I’m not trying to paralyze them. I’m just trying to punish them for being silly.” – Braun Strowman on Colin Jost and Michael Che
  • “No wonder Graves hates you.” – Strowman LOL
  • Sonya Deville broke up with Zahra Schreiber? I’m so far behind on the pointless minutiae of celebrity couples.
  • Speaking of couples, Andrade and Charlotte Flair was one I was aware of.

Main Ceremony

  • I dig the idea of D-Generation X interrupting the intro.
  • Let’s see how Corey Graves and Renee Young do as hosts. I have a feeling I’ll still prefer Jerry Lawler, but we’ll see.
  • Solid joke about Hillbilly Jim’s speech still going on from last year.
  • For the most part, Jimmy Hart looks no different than he did decades ago. I guess a diet of just baked potatoes and baked beans is the secret formula.
  • Hart spoke super fast, but didn’t really say all that much. I’m a little disappointed in his speech.
  • Nice touch with the pink Cadillac entrance.
  • Who’s the girl? I could have sworn that was Cherry at first, which wouldn’t have made any sense.
  • Already, the people in attendance are being asshats. I’m not surprised.
  • It’s good that they have a prompt now, instead of having everyone read from their papers.
  • “You never know what is going to happen.” – So Honky Tonk Man is going to win the Intercontinental Championship tomorrow night instead of Finn Balor, right?
  • All things considered, Honky Tonk Man looks to be in damn good shape.
  • The New Day are feeling Honk Tonk Man’s theme so much! Kofi’s kid is rocking out like crazy.
  • So Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins are dating, right?
  • Stacy Keibler for next year’s class, maybe?
  • Torrie’s “ex” Terry (really?) is now the biggest heel.
  • Is Big E eating sliders??
  • Oh hey, Victoria is actually in the crowd. Maybe she can finally come back for the next Mae Young Classic or the women’s battle royal tomorrow night? She deserves a return.
  • The puberty line was hilarious, as was Xavier Woods and Big E giving her a standing ovation for that and the crowd chanting “thank you Torrie” for it!
  • The boo/yeah thing with The Miz and Shane McMahon was great.
  • I feel like Luna Vachon should have gone in on her own, rather than in a Legacy class. At least she’s still going in.
  • Old school Hart Foundation theme. Nice.
  • I love the touch of the glasses in the front row.
  • In a different universe, Cowboy Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels was a thing.
  • WTF? Did a fan just attack? WOOOOW…what a goddamn asshole…
  • Very happy to see all those people in the ring like Woods, Heath Slater, Drake Maverick and more. I love that camaraderie.
  • I’m still so stunned about that fan. What an ass.
  • Another nice touch in having the quick shot of The Anvil on the TitanTron.
  • Big fan of the barber shop poles.
  • Am I the only one who thinks he should have been announced by Conrad Thompson as “Brutus The Fucking’ Barber Beefcake”?
  • HAHAHAH at the Baron Corbin shot.
  • Look, even though it might feel like these guys can go long, keep in mind that this is one of the biggest nights for someone like Beefcake. He’s reliving all of his career and has a chance to feel like a top guy again for the first time in decades. That’s great to be able to give them a platform to revisit those feelings.
  • “Face Kurt Angle” chant for John Cena. Awesome.
  • Honoring Sue Aitchison is much more along the lines of what the Warrior Award was supposed to be and I’m really glad they’re calling attention to someone who did so many great things. I had never heard of her before, and that’s the whole point of something like this. Fantastic.
  • We’re doing the boo/yeah again with Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston, and I love it.
  • Big fan of giving props to Sensational/Sister Sherri.
  • Well that was awkward, cutting to Sting when they’re about to say Hulk Hogan’s name.
  • Seriously, how can WWE not go with putting the title on Kofi Kingston with all this support?
  • “Vince can’t fire me” – Billy Gunn LOL
  • “He will buy that piss ant company just to fire you again.” – Triple H LOL even more
  • LMAO at Hunter and Shawn swapping the wonky eye glasses and the giant nose. Amazing. “It’s funny cause he’s got a huge friggin’ nose.”
  • The Super Soaker bit was funny, as was the “all in” shot.
  • This is huge for Waltman. You can tell. And it’s cool to see that it hits so strong for him.
  • “You don’t want to stand up, do you? Knees killing ya?” – Kevin Nash joke cracked me up.
  • I loved Triple H taking a shot at the “too sweet woop woop” chant.
  • DX goofing around is still so good.
  • Such a fun night; a great ceremony that had a few glitches and hiccups, but a few improvements compared to previous years as well. I loved it.

What are your thoughts on this Hall of Fame ceremony? Drop your comments below!

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