WWE in 2018: Top 10 Biggest Blunders of the Year


By the way, who did they drop them to? AOP, who had been put on hold for months, waiting to get the push clearly intended for them, as they lost their manager and struggled in limbo for a while before being paired up with Drake Maverick.

Drake Maverick Pees Himself

Aaaand then Maverick pissed himself and soon enough, they lost the titles to Bobby Roode and Chad Gable, who don’t have a team name and are just two guys thrown together that WWE had nothing else better to do with.

This was the worst booked championship this entire year and when you consider how bad things have been for the United States title, that’s saying a lot.

And yes, I gave this its own separate category within a category, because it deserves it.

Blowout at Survivor Series

What’s the best way to boost the value of SmackDown Live before it goes over to FOX?

Why, have that roster lose every single match on Survivor Series, of course! That way, everybody who tries to make the argument that it isn’t the B-show has absolutely no foundation anymore, because it’s definitive.

This was made even worse in that somehow, with this terrible game plan in mind, WWE managed to find a way to mess things up even more by having SmackDown win on the pre-show in some kind of confusion.

Then, to make things even worse again, their answer to that solution was to say that it didn’t count!!! Now, not only did it further illustrate how much they purposely wanted to screw over SmackDown by desperately avoiding the truth, it also pointed out how WWE itself doesn’t care about the kickoff show and you shouldn’t, either.

Sasha Banks and Bayley’s Feud

For I don’t know how many months, we were subject to this ridiculous feud between Bayley and Sasha Banks, where they were in the process of no longer being friends because they didn’t trust each other, so they would get angry with each other, flat out fight, still hang around one another, lose more and more matches, get angry with each other, flat out fight, rinse and repeat.

Every time it seemed like the feud was actually going somewhere, it regressed back to the same pattern and never actually accomplished a damn thing.

Now, after all this time, they’ve pretty much abandoned it, but they still throw in some hints now and again that they want to revisit it in the future. What’s really sad is you know WWE will look at that as some “slow burn” feud that fans clearly must have been eagerly awaiting for all these months/years and that they did such an amazing job setting up, rather than the train wreck it actually was.

Bobby Lashley’s Sisters

WWE spent weeks setting up the idea that Braun Strowman needed a tag team partner for WrestleMania and went with a kid for a one night joke before bringing out Bobby Lashley afterward and having him team with Strowman over and over again.

But nobody cared. Lashley wasn’t getting the pops they had expected. So their answer to making fans invested in Lashley was to write a storyline where he was interviewed about his sisters, and Sami Zayn would take issue with that (for some reason) and get some guys to dress in drag to mock the idea.

This was one of the absolute worst storylines and segments of the year in literally every way, from Lashley’s lack of mic skills, the “humor” not being funny, the failure to get Lashley over in the slightest bit and the knowledge that Zayn was better than this.

SmackDown Top 10 List

In February, they introduced the SmackDown Top 10 list, which would revolutionize the way things would be done on “the land of opportunity” to come.

The only thing to come out of it was a storyline where Jinder Mahal was trying to convince Randy Orton that Bobby Roode put a lot of stock in Orton’s placement on the list.

That was a WrestleMania feud. For the United States Championship.


Failure to Launch

When you look back, the majority of the superstars who came up from NXT over the course of this past year were handled pretty poorly.

Asuka came up in 2017 in time to build up to her Royal Rumble win, but WWE screwed that up by having her lose at WrestleMania and then dropping her down several notches for the entire rest of the year all the way up until TLC.

Shinsuke Nakamura had a similar thing going on, coming in 2017, building up momentum to a Royal Rumble win, losing at WrestleMania and then becoming completely irrelevant even as United States champion.

But so many others just either didn’t exist to WWE Creative or were enhancement talent.

The Authors of Pain lost their manager, had nothing to do for months, won the titles out of necessity and then dropped them to a joke of a tag team. No Way Jose wrestled maybe two matches before becoming a jobber who is lucky to appear on Main Event. Ember Moon hasn’t mattered much to Raw. Andrade “Cien” Almas came in with some steam, but was quickly forgotten about. SAnitY has had NOTHING going on and still hasn’t even been able to get Nikki Cross in their ranks. The IIconics were only on one pay-per-view and that’s just because they happen to be Australian.

That is an awful track record for NXT call-ups, which should make us very nervous about how WWE is going to handle EC3, Heavy Machinery, Lars Sullivan, Lacey Evans and the rest.

But hey, they’re promising that changes are coming, so maybe, maybe, 2019 will be a different story. Let’s hope so…

What do you think were the biggest mistakes and worst things to happen from WWE this year? Drop your list in the comments below!

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