WWE in 2021: Biggest Blunders of the Year


We knew how this would go. She’s an incredibly attractive woman, but she can’t wrestle, struggles to cut a decent promo and only really has one character trait to pull off.

This whole thing with the Eva-lution was trash. We didn’t need yet another person using the phrase “role model” to try to get heat this year, as that’s overplayed.

Doudrop herself, aka Piper Niven, isn’t bad, but the Doudrop concept was flawed and the sooner it was done, the better.

Eva Marie’s feud with Alexa Bliss was garbage, capped off with her terrible trip that she did on the playground promo. You might recognize that from many clips of Botchamania since then.

After this short experiment, Eva Marie was let go, making all of it rather pointless.


RIP WWE Network. Instead, the United States has been using this Peacock service, which has been by and large crap.

It took MONTHS to get the ability to pause, rewind and rejoin the live show. That should have been there from day one.

It also took months to get most of the old content on there. Not all of it is there, some of it is edited, and it’s all harder to find than it should be. That’s because the interface is trash and groups things as seasons, rather than having a more intuitive search function like it used to have.

No more match segments or the ability to search for individual matches.

You can kiss most of your shows goodbye, too. WWE essentially stopped producing content. Ride Along, Table for 3 and other staples just haven’t happened this year. Even the shows they did already produce haven’t aired most of the time. I’m still waiting on that Vladimir documentary, for instance.

I personally spent week after week bugging Peacock about NXT UK not ever starting on time. If you’re finally seeing it airing at 3 p.m. ET like it should, you have me to thank for that, and that’s not even an exaggeration, as I was the only person apparently who was willing to put in the effort to sit and talk with them Thursday afternoons to try to figure this out.

I miss the WWE Network, don’t you?

WrestleMania Rain Delay

You can’t mention botches and Peacock and programming without talking about how finally, after so many months of not having any audience, WrestleMania suffered its first ever rain delay.

Weeeeeeee’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack just kidding, hold on for a while.

Obviously, this is not WWE’s fault. Try as they might, they don’t have the power to control everything, including the weather. But this was still one of the biggest blunders of the year in general.

Any other year under any other circumstances, this wouldn’t have been as big of a deal. But the fact that it happened at WRESTLEMANIA and after a year of being without a crowd, at the beginning, felt like bad luck and fate had a baby that day.

Ember Moon / Shotzi Blackheart / Tegan Nox

Ember Moon was all over the place this year and none of what she attempted to do really worked. Despite being a tag team champion, it was a superfluous run that meant nothing, really.

Ember’s Law, at this point, should be defined as “saying you’ve figured out how to correct your flaws and that you finally know what to do to get back on track, only to then dig the ditch deeper.”

Her team with Shotzi Blackheart was thrown together, then tossed aside. Shotzi was brought up to SmackDown alongside Tegan Nox, for some reason.

Nox and Shotzi then had their issues. They won numerous No. 1 contender matches, only to never get their title shots. After being split in the draft, Shotzi turned heel and Nox never popped up at all for Raw before being fired.

Product Placements and Advertisements

WWE got paid handsomely for two product placements on pay-per-views this year. The first advertisement was to tie into Batista starring in Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead by having a bunch of zombies involved in the Damian Priest vs. The Miz match, which resulted in The Miz getting injured for the first time of his career. No Batista, by the way.

Most recently, at Survivor Series, the next tie-in was with The Rock’s Netflix film Red Notice. Vince McMahon grumbled over having Cleopatra’s egg, gifted to him by The Rock. It was stolen, with the grand plot of this turning out to be that Austin Theory wanted a selfie with it and took it pretty much “because they couldn’t think of anything else. Shut up. Stop criticizing and just be happy Vince is on screen.” No Rock, by the way.

Both of these made them some money, but both of them sucked.

Lacey Evans pregnant ric flair storyline

It feels like a lifetime ago, but the beginning of the year had one of the worst storylines of 2021 revolving around Lacey Evans feuding with Charlotte Flair. Ric Flair was stuck between the two in a weird way in that Charlotte wanted nothing to do with him, but kept being badgered by Evans flirting with her father.

This resulted in a pregnancy bit and Evans legitimately being pregnant and taking the rest of this year off. Ric eventually left the company and Charlotte was taken off the card for WrestleMania due to COVID precautions.

We got Rhea Ripley beating Asuka for the Raw Women’s Championship in what felt like a haphazard scenario because it was never the plan. But imagine how bad it would have been if they had done Evans vs. Flair, probably with Ric as a special referee or something, like what they seemingly intended to do. Yikes.

Superstar Spectacle and NXT Expansion

Remember when Superstar Spectacle happened at the beginning of the year as a ThunderDome special featuring a bunch of people nobody had ever heard of who couldn’t wrestle and were just smiling ear to ear as if they had a gun to their head and would be shot otherwise?

How about how some of those people were never seen again, like Sareena Sandhu or Giant Zanjeer?

This was a pilot of sort for an expansion of NXT, likely to be called simply NXT India. It went absolutely nowhere.

It seems this is also at least indirectly responsible for killing NXT Japan, too. Kairi Sane was rumored to be a part of getting that together and nothing came about. At all. Not even any teases or announcements of meeting with people. No purchases of Japanese companies to fill the void and start with that talent. Nothing.

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