WWE is back to play another “Deadly Game”


Yeah, I think some of you smell what I’m cooking…

The landscape of the WWE right now seems all to familiar. So if you indulge me for a minute and I will tell you exactly what I mean.

It was November 15th 1998. I was in college…chasing a girl (it did not end well); Jay-Z’s Hard Knock Life album was in everyone’s CD player; and wrestling wasn’t PG! Ahh, the good ol’ days

The WWE (WWF at the time) was without a champion going into Survivor Series and Vince McMahon created this “Deadly Game” tournament to crown a new champion. A week before the tournament, Vince propositioned The Rock to be “his champion” and the Rock game then infamous quote, “I rather be the People’s a$$ than to ever kiss your a$$”. Consequently, Mrs. Foley’s baby boy was looked at as the chosen one and it appeared that way until low and behold…The McMahons put one over on us and The Rock became the Corporate Champ.

Fast forward to 2015. The WWE is without a champion going into Survivor Series. Triple H creates a tournament to crown a new champion and Roman Reigns (the Rock’s sorta, kinda cousin) is propositioned to be The Authority’s Champion. True to form Roman refused. Does anyone see where this is heading?

Not only does the “E” give us a predictable storyline but they recycle a storyline that seems just too eerie to be a coincidence. Look I’m a fan of nostalgia but this is absurd. Honestly I would love for Kevin Owens to win this tournament. He’s great worker, has nice mic skills and quite frankly he just knows how to be a heel. Owens could draw heat from a bus full of nuns!!! But the IC champ doesn’t exactly fit into The Authority’s formula. So we have to make the best of it with Roman.

Roman is a somewhat over baby face that gets 55/45 cheer to boo ratio. So making him heel and join The Authority makes sense. Reigns does not have the mic skills or the Make a Wish track record Cena does…so the company has to do something with him besides filtering out the boo in post production. Obviously ramming Reigns down our throats to anoint him as the ‘chosen one’ didn’t work. So having Reigns become the evil champ over his best buddy Ambrose in the finals is the next best plan. (not to mention will get him the most heat)

Then you could keep Roman as champ until Mania when the Royal Rumble Winner, Brock Lesnar faces him in a rematch of last year’s WrestleMania but that’s another article…

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