WWE, Let’s Make Some Changes To Your Brand


As someone who watches WWE product several times a week for over 15 years I have seen the good and the bad of WWE. As of now they have Raw, Smackdown, Main Event and NXT that I currently watch on weekly bases. Let’s be honest, does anyone watch Superstars anymore? With that being said, I think it’s time they do make some changes around WWE.


Stages, rings and mostly the production of WWE is the same for all three major shows in Main Event, Raw and Smackdown. All have the same rope colors and the same stage. It feels like a repetitive show just with a different apron and title to the show.

Let’s start with Raw, as of right now it has the big screen, but every show has that these days. It has white ropes, with a black and red apron that has big Raw logo on it. I want the iconic Red ropes that were used on Raw since day one all the way up to a couple of years ago. The same with Smackdown and Main Event. I want a difference in the show I am watching. If it’s Smackdown I want to know its Smackdown with the iconic Blue ropes.

It’s the little things that makes watching the show better in my opinion.

WWE it’s time to unify the intercontinental and U.S titles into one. I say let’s just have unification match and keep the intercontinental title around. This will probably be the most likely of changes to the WWE. Big E. Langston is your featured champion and Dean Ambrose has not defended his title since I believe since the Hell in a Cell PPV against Big E. Langston. Big E. went on to win the intercontinental title one month later against Curtis Axel. Both titles have not been in the grand spot light that they once more. WWE has showed who they are behind and that man is Big E. Langston. Let’s just make the unification match and have Langston be the man who carries the secondary title.

Let’s address some other changes they could make.

Hardcore Title I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people writing about bringing it back. The “Attitude Era” is gone, it will never come back. There is no use for the hardcore title, even though it was a great invention at the time. I see no use for the hardcore title at this time.

Bring Back Cruiserweights I think this could work, but not for today’s WWE. Even if they brought it back, do you really think it would be what it was in WCW? WWE would bring in little guys who would all they would do would be spot after spot (Spot feast match). WCW had some guys who did spots, but you had guys who could actually wrestle (Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, Benoit) WWE has the mind set of big guys these days, they want, need and build around the bigger stars. Always have and most likely always will.

PG Era

So many people complain about how the WWE product sucks because of the PG rating and how we should go back to the “Attitude Era” but it will not happen again. WWE makes so much money of TV rights, merchandise and family’s watching their programming.

I hate to say this, but for right now it would be a mistake if they went above anything PG. The problem is not that it’s PG, but the problem is the wrestling business being at such a low point right now. Do not worry about the rating, but rather the characters and story-lines.

I’m sure there are more ideas out there and some people will not agree with what it think should or should not be brought back. Either way let me hear your opinions. Thanks for reading and will see you next time.

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