WWE Main Event Has Turned Into The Rematch Show


It’s unfortunate, but WWE Main Event has turned into the rematch show.

Since going off the ION Network and now onto the WWE Network. WWE has put a lot of thought about having one big match that surrounds the show. 

It’s a match that makes us want to sit through 40 minutes of filler to see this one match.

In theory, it’s a good idea for a B- or even C show, but there is one problem. The matches that we are getting are just rematches from either Raw or Smackdown.

In fact, the matches that take place are better than the ones on Main Event. I get that WWE is trying to make Main Event the best they can, they are trying to sell the Network hardcore, but giving us matches that we have seen once, or even twice is not the answer.

Obviously, WWE cannot hit a grand slam every week for three shows. But, if you want to have me take the Network seriously, then you need to make the matches that you are advertising seriously.

Sheamus Vs. Alberto Del Rio from last week is a great focal point.

This is what, the 100th match between the two? Throw in the U.S Title on the line and even a last man standing match to sweeten the pot, but at the end of the day, it’s the same match as what we have seen on Raw and Smackdown.

Variety is what WWE preaches right? They are entertainment? All I ask is for versatility in the matches that are featured on a weekly basis.

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