WWE Money in the Bank 2017 3-Count Review and Post-Show Recap


WWE Money in the Bank 2017 is in the bag, which means it’s time for another edition of the 3-Count Review and Smack Talk Pay-Per-Viewpoint Post-Show podcast!

As always, click the video at the bottom of this post to check out the podcast breakdown of everything on the show, but before we get into that, I want to focus on three things that standout from my mind in regards to MONEY IN THE BANK 2017.

For the 3-Count portion of this post, I wanted to focus on three questions that came to my mind about the future of SmackDown following the events that transpired at this event.

1. How will Carmella’s Money in the Bank win be addressed?

Of course, this is exactly what WWE wants us to be wondering about. In fact, the way things went down, I wouldn’t put it past them to have booked the entire match to be this way just to get people to tune in to SmackDown, rather than having an actual game plan for how they’ll use Carmella as Ms. Money in the Bank, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt even though the way the rest of the finishes of the night should deprive them of that.

Is this going to be one of those times where Shane comes out and says in so many words that despite the awkward and strange deviation from the rules, Carmella’s victory stands in the record books and she is still the holder of the briefcase, and that’s it? If so, that’s underwhelming, as you don’t set something up to specifically have no payoff unless all you’re concerned about is building up hype that amounts to nothing.

Alternatively, will Carmella be forced to defend her briefcase in some kind of match against someone else? If so, how is that contender chosen?

I can see this amounting to a Fatal 4-Way between Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Tamina and Natalya where one of them will get the opportunity to challenge Carmella for the briefcase on another episode of SmackDown, and then Carmella will retain it.

If that’s the case, I hope they wouldn’t switch the briefcase to someone else, as at that point, I’d rather them have just had that future woman just win it in the first place.

Still, I want to know how WWE tries to write themselves out of a corner with this and I hope they have a decent idea in mind.

2. Who will Mike and Maria Kanellis feud with?

Admittedly, I’m not too familiar with Mike Bennett’s work. I can’t stomach Impact Wrestling and I have so much WWE content to consume throughout the week that I don’t feel like checking out independent organizations or even Ring of Honor as I’m just burned out on wrestling.

I have heard good things about him, though, so I’m interested to see what the future has in store for him. This “power of love” gimmick isn’t hitting it out of the park with me right now, but I’ll try to give it some time to warm up to it and to let them work out the kinks. In the meantime, I just want to know who his first feud will be against.

My gut says Tye Dillinger. The Perfect 10 hasn’t had much of a foothold yet and we can realistically rule out most of the roster as it is. Mike and Maria aren’t going to feud with American Alpha, nor does anybody care about Sin Cara at this point, and it would feel strange to me to have Luke Harper be the first person to go up against, so since Mojo Rawley isn’t pursuing a singles career anymore, Dillinger is the only one that fits the bill.

However, WWE has gone with surprise feuds out of nowhere before. He may end up facing Sami Zayn as an alternative option. Or, if you want to start speculating even further about how Maria will be involved, this could turn into a new feud for John Cena and Nikki Bella, resulting in a mixed tag team match at SummerSlam or afterward.

3. Who will Baron Corbin cash in on in the future?

The smart money for a lot of betting sites said Jinder Mahal would retain the title and a lot of readers on this site and elsewhere were picking him, too, but I still thought Randy Orton would take the belt back, so I was kind of surprised about it staying right where it is.

From my point of view, the buzz around Mahal has been dying out and he’s proving himself to not be as charismatic of a character or as good of a talker to give him the right gravitas to remain champion much longer. You may disagree, which is fine, but I’m eager to move on to the next person already.

Assuming it doesn’t still just go back to Orton (in which case, WWE really needs to stop dragging their storylines out like this), the only two candidates can really be AJ Styles and John Cena, as not only can I not see Mahal retaining the title leaving SummerSlam, but I also don’t picture Corbin cashing in on him down the line.

Mahal, nor Corbin, strike me as babyfaces, and WWE typically keeps things simple with a heel cashing in on a babyface. Right now, my mindset is that Cena takes the belt from Mahal at SummerSlam and he and Corbin have a feud somewhere around Survivor Series before Styles takes the title from Corbin, but this might be out the window as soon as Monday Night Raw as there’s a chance Reigns challenges Cena to a match instead. Cena can’t beat Mahal if he’s wrestling Reigns, that’s for sure, and then I’m at a loss for the plans for Mr. Money in the Bank Baron Corbin.

Again, I just hope WWE actually has a plan instead of tossing it Corbin’s way and hoping they’ll sort it out over the next few months.

For more opinions on the show as a whole, check out the latest edition of the Smark Out Moment wrestling podcast SMACK TALK as the panel reviews MONEY IN THE BANK with our immediate reactions following the event before the dust has fully settled.



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