WWE Need John Cena Back URGENTLY!


After watching the last few RAW’s there is one thing that is apparent the most and i witnessed this the most after watching last nights RAW broadcast. WWE Need John Cena Back and Urgently!

There has never been a time when WWE needed John Cena back as much as they do right now. The product is suffering badly without his presence and in need of drastic help. Throughout the years WWE have tried and failed to create big stars with no success other than Daniel Bryan (injury prone) Or CM Punk (he quit).

You can’t blame the WWE for not building these huge stars anymore, that’s not the problem. The problem is those kind stars are a dying breed eg: Hogan, Goldberg, The Undertaker, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Stone Cold and The Ultimate Warrior. These kind of polarizing stars have long gone and John Cena is probably the last one of them. That’s not to say wrestling is dwindling, they just need to create some sort of new breed of stars to build as whatever they are doing is clearly not working.

Now lately, WWE have been forced to change plans with the two main attractions not being there ie: John Cena and Seth Rollins. This has sent WWE into panic mode and that can be seen on TV with the rushed out faction storylines of League Of Nations and ECW-re-unite.

WWE seem to be in a state of urgency to better the product and contacted former ECW star and current owner/promoter of House Of Hardcore Tommy Dreamer’ who has suffered a countless number of concussions and injuries lately. One has to ask how is Tommy Dreamer cleared to wrestle and Daniel Bryan isn’t? That being said Tommy had plans of his own what with his own wrestling promotion and current storylines he has there.

There is no way Tommy Dreamer being part of any WWE storylines was in place, it seems more like Tommy was called up straight out of the blue and Tommy being Tommy accepted whatever offer he received as he benefits even more considering he’s allowed to promote his own promotion while wrestling for WWE.

As for the the League Of Nations, i don’t think they will be taken too seriously unless they had at least 7 or 8 members, maybe add Kevin Owen’s and Cesaro once he returns from injury, then you will have a great dominating faction. As of now it just seems thrown together.

Now back to WWE needing John Cena to return. No matter how much the internet and adult fans hate on the John Cena character, they’re not to stubborn to admit he is main event caliber. Although before he left for his hiatus John was competing in the US title picture but what he did was elevate some future stars and made the title relevant again, his matches 90% of the time have that kind of main event feel whether he’s wrestling a mid carder or a higher regarded wrestler. He just as that aura.

Cena is to the WWE what Michael Jordan was to basketball, what Muhammad Ali was to Boxing, what Hulk Hogan was to wrestling, he is that polarizing and adds that extra excitement to a match, that big feel, running emotions and crowd connection, no one else on the roster can do that right now and this is why WWE need John Cena back urgently.

WWE Need John Cena Back

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