WWE Network: The Good And What To Improve On


The WWE Network is finally here and most of you, including me had issues with ordering it. Personally for me i had to wait four hours to check out the latest and greatest product that WWE has presented in some time. I have ordered both WWE Network and UFC Fight Pass which is a similar type service. By far WWE hit this out of the ballpark with the WWE Network.

From the slick design with the red and black paint scheme. To the easy to use and everything out there to find right in front of you. From the content that they have with all the PPV from WWE, WWF, WCW, ECW and so much more. Now with that being said there are a lot of good things about the service, but with everything in life there is some things that can be made better and improve on. Also there are some bad things that comes with the Network. I am going to break this into two sections, the good and what they can improve on.

The Good

There is more good than bad or should i say improvement. First off how awesome it is, ok so you have to give reasons on why, but by looking at it and for wrestling fans it truly is like being a kid in a candy story. With some much ease and variety shown on this platform, it truly is addictive.

PPV are the key element of the Network, not only can you go back and watch all the PPV from the past which is truly cool and unique. But you get the future PPV’s for 2014 calendar year for WWE. That in itself is truly special. Now i am glad that they let us play around with the Network before Raw and it gave it a truly special feeling once logged in. This is history and as a fan who wanted this day to come, it is a cool moment. The PPV selection is off the chain and it’s fun to go back and watch the old stuff that you grew up with.

Featuring shows that you usually do not watch like NXT and Superstars are good. I watch NXT on a weekly bases, but for other fans who do not. Their eyes will begin to open wide for the NXT brand and the easiest / most entertaining show that WWE produces on a weekly bases. Maybe with Superstars being featured on the Network then maybe, just maybe they will increase the quality of the show a bit more. If you want to skip to the last five minutes of the show and see the good stuff then you can.

WWE count down is Ok in my opinion, but as of right now they only have on episode listed. The show will have better topics other than best catch phrases which is currently on there.

WrestleMania Rewind is one of my favorites due to having part background / documentary with fellow superstars about the event then going and watching the match itself. For someone like me, it gives me both avenues in one show (Documentaries & Matches)

Things To Improve On

I am a type of person who loves documentary DVD over not only Superstars, but promotions, matches, feuds and anything else you can think of. In the WWE network you have the “Legends of Wrestling” which i highly recommend and check it out. The show has a topic and legends talk about it. The show gives insight, entertainment and history of the business that every fan should at least check out one episode. Now they do not have all of the episodes on there yet and since they are dated back in 2007, 2008 and so on. I am hopefully to see more of these.

Also I would like to see more Superstars, promotions and match documentaries. I think everyone can agree that the CM Punk, Steve Austin, Rise and Fall of both WCW and ECW are some of the best DVD’s that WWE has ever produced. I saw that they are going to have up to fifty of them, but as of this writing there are none. WWE sells a ton of these type DVD’s and with the WWE Network you would think that they would have them on demand. Personally i prefer the documentaries than strictly watching PPV. It gives a different perspective on the topic that WWE is covering while watching. Yes i know they have a “beyond the ring” type show that has the Bret Hart – Shawn Michaels feud featured on the Network. I just want more.

Final Thoughts

This network has everything that i could have imagined. Yes there are a lot of things to improve on, but with time they will do just that. WWE Network had a rocky start to it, but i think this will be something that the WWE fans will continue to go back for to get their fix of wrestling.

What do you think of the WWE Network? Do you like it or not? What do you think they should add? Thanks for reading along.

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