WWE NXT (4/1) Results: 2 Out Of Three Falls Match


[Show: WWE NXT] [Location: Winter Park, FL] [Date: 4/1/14] [Airing on the WWE Network]

Welcome To WWE NXT, Sami Zaun makes his way down to the ring to open the show. He started talking about how he has had a lot of time to think during a recent WWE tour overseas. He said that the match with Kevin Owens he had at NXT Takeover was like nothing before. He sees that Owens has changed and now he knows how to execute his plan.. Sami said that he wants his rematch for his NXT title and to kick Kevin Owens ass. He leaves the ring with the fans going wild.

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Singles Match: Rhino vs. Unknown Jobber.

Rhino hits a few power moves and then the gore for the win.

Winner: Rhino

After the match, Rhino grabbed the mic and said that he came to NXT to make a statement. He said he came here for the NXT Championship. He asked what the fans want? They chanted gore. He said Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn will receive a GORE!

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Highlights from the Kevin Owens – Finn Balor title match from last week. Owens cut a backstage promo about how no one will take this title away from him.

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Singles Match: Bayley vs. Emma.

Emma with a slap to the face of Bayley. They lock up, Bayley threw Emma face first into the corner, but missed a splash in the corner and Emma locked in the “Emma lock.” Emma hit the Emma sandwich followed by a cocky pin attempt, but Bayley rolled through and got the win.

Winner: Bayley

Becky Lytch cuts a backstage promo about how everyone except her has received a title shot. She has proved what she can do in the ring. She said that her goal is to become the NXT Women’s champion. She said that NXT is her empire.

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Tag Team Match: Blake and Murphy vs. Sin Cara and Kalisto.

Murphy and Kalisto start things off. Kalisto with a springboard arm drag sending Murphy to the floor. He sent Blake to the floor a well. Sin Cara hit a dive through the ropes to take out the champs. Kalisto off the top rope with a moonsault taking out both men. Back in the ring, Cara pinned Murphy for a near fall. Kalisto tagged back in, but Blake caught him with a headlock that slowed the match down. Kalisto fought out and rolled up Balek for a near fall. Blake with a big time clothesline, he tagged in Murphy, who nailed a knee drop on Kalisto. Murphy with a headlock on Kalisto., but he fought out and tagged in Sin Cara. Once getting the hot tag, Cara kicked Murphy in the head. Blake with a cheap shot and then tagged in. Murphy with a suplex and Blake hit a splash off the top rope for the win.

Winners: Blake and Murphy.

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Sami Zayn was about to cut a promo backstage, but Rhino interrupted and told Sami that the line to the NXT title starts behind him.

Singles Match: Jason Jordan vs. Tye Dillinger

Jordan with a kick to the gut to start the match off. He hit a series of powerslams and then a splash for a near fall. Jordan hit a pump handle slam for the win.

Winner: Jordan.

2 Out Of 3 Falls Match: Tyler Breeze vs. Hideo Itami.

They lock up, Breeze put Itami in the corner and hit a splash. He went for another one, but Itami countered with a knee to the gut and a kick to the face. Itami with a running drop kick in the corner followed up with a running kick to the face for the first near fall.

First Fall: Itami.

The match started, Breeze ran out of the corner and hit the Beauty shot for the win.

Second Fall: Breeze.

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We’re back with Breeze having Itami in a headlock. Moments later, Itami fought back and hit a running knee to the gut of Breeze. Itami off the middle rope with a DDT on to the ropes. Itami off the top rope with a dive, but Breeze moved. Itami. leaped up and hit a clothesline. Itami went for a suplex, but Breeze rolled him up for 2. Breeze with a knee to the gut of Itami., he rolled up Itami. for 2. Itami with a kick to the face and then rolled him up for 2. Breeze hit the super kick out of nowhere for a near fall. Breeze with a series of right hands, but Itami fired up. Itami. with a series of kicks to the gut of Breeze. Itami missed the running corner drop kick, but Breeze moved. Breeze missed the superkick and Itami hit the running corner drop kick. Itami off the ropes, but ran into the Beauty shot for the win.

Thanks for watching along and we will see you next time.

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