Keith Lee
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WWE Physiques Going Soft While Other Companies Are Leading The Gun Show


So should everyone be a clone of John Cena and Batista?

No. That’s not what I’m saying.


In the end we need stars like Sami Zayn (who is a tremendous athlete, despite that he doesn’t look like a super hero necessarily). I guess in the end, what I’m getting at here, is we shouldn’t lose the impressive well cut model of what a wrestler was and hopefully still can be.

British Bulldog

Like the first time you ever saw The British Bulldog walk out to the ring. You were excited, in awe and ready for something special every time that British National Anthem hit the loudspeaker. I know I was. And I hope to see someone rise up and fight that old fight for tradition, and yes, perhaps even against the likes of someone like Keith Lee. I guess in the end it’s the distinction that I would like to be set…the class differences if you will. I think it would make for an even more interesting product overall.

But hey … in the end, it’s just food for thought.

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