WWE Pitch: How to Repurpose Clash of Champions & PPV Names Missing from 2021


Yesterday, WWE announced the date and location for the 2022 Royal Rumble pay-per-view event, which is set for January 29th from The Dome at America’s Center. This will be the second pay-per-view to come in January 2022, as WWE Day 1 is set for January 1st.

Strangely, we know more about that than we do the name of the pay-per-view coming December 12, as WWE hasn’t announced what would normally be Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2021.


I, for one, am entirely down for not having TLC return and seeing that pay-per-view replaced with something else. However, it’s just a complete unknown at this moment, as well as whether or not anything else will be announced for October, November or December.

Looking at the WWE pay-per-view schedule (and 2021 version specifically), the only things left confirmed for this year are the upcoming Crown Jewel, Survivor Series and “unknown, possibly TLC”. In years past, we’ve seen the Saudi Arabia shows accompanied by another stateside pay-per-view, but we’re almost in October and nothing has been announced yet. This seems to be the first year in a while that we don’t get Clash of Champions, for instance, which feels odd.

This got me thinking about the event names that were and currently are still missing from the 2021 WWE pay-per-view list and whether or not there are places for them this year and onward, if WWE just decided not to continue using those names anymore.

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the events on hiatus and try to find purposes for them.

The Outliers

Some of these missing pay-per-views were simply due to the pandemic, or there’s a chance they still show up this year and just haven’t been announced yet.

Super ShowDown = We can assume if the Saudi Arabia shows are going to continue and travel allows for it, Super ShowDown will come sometime in February or March of 2022.

Halloween Havoc = There’s still time to announce this as a special episode of NXT 2.0. I’m hoping they haven’t ditched this and that they’ll continue making it a yearly thing.

WarGames = If there’s one pay-per-view left in the year for a TakeOver, it will likely be called this. I’d assume it will take place sometime in November, possibly the 28th.

Tribute to the Troops = This isn’t a pay-per-view, but it’s still a special event nevertheless. Not doing this sometime in December would be shocking. They’ll record something and call it this, even if it’s just a pre-taped thing before Raw or SmackDown.

TLC = As stated, we still don’t know what the December event will be called. Since they haven’t specified that it’s TLC yet is curious, as they normally announce this well in advance. Traditionally, TLC takes place in December, so I’m assuming this will follow suit, but I’m all for choosing some of the other options here and not forcing TLC matches onto the card.

Slammy Awards = This is another special show of sorts that isn’t a pay-per-view. Last time around, it was done as a digital show on The Bump and such. Dedicating more resources than that to this is highly unlikely, so we’ll probably see it return in that fashion once more. It doesn’t really lend itself to a live in-ring product in any way.

Clash of Champions

This was the true spark for this article, as I’m surprised Clash of Champions didn’t take place at all this year.

Truth be told, the event’s lost a lot of its luster since it stopped being Night of Champions, wherein every championship belt was on the line in some fashion. Without that, there’s really no point in it.

However, what I think WWE is missing out on here is doing something called Clash of Champions Week. Heading into Survivor Series, which will be after the 2021 WWE Draft and setting up the champion vs. champion matches, they should have every title on the line for Raw, NXT, NXT UK and SmackDown. I’m talking every championship.

At the very least, it should be the Raw and SmackDown rosters who put every belt on the line to try to establish whether or not those champions deserve to represent the brands.

Of course, at least one belt should change hands, depending on the circumstances. Even if it’s the 24/7 title, it should still be at least one that gets swapped to someone new just to make it interesting. You have to keep the quality of Survivor Series alive, but you should give fans a reason to tune in for that week. Branding it something like this will make it feel more special and bump the ratings.

Alternatively, this should be what the champion versus champion matches at Survivor Series are called. They are, indeed, a clash of champions, aren’t they?

No Mercy

Considering how Extreme Rules had ONE SINGLE EXTREME RULES MATCH on the entire card and a Triple Threat match that was barely No Disqualification, WWE never should have called this past Sunday’s event that moniker.

Instead, it should have been No Mercy. That’s a generic enough name and something that is tied to the company well enough that it shouldn’t be forgotten about.

For my money, get rid of Extreme Rules. The event’s outlived its usefulness and if they aren’t going to give every match a stipulation, it serves no purpose.

Fully Loaded

I may be in the minority, but I really like the name Fully Loaded. Just like No Mercy, I think it’s versatile and can be used at any time for a generic event where you don’t have to worry about filling some kind of gimmick.

The good thing is that they can gimmick this up if they want to. It can be a “fully loaded card” in so many words. Big names, stipulations and so forth.

The likelihood this will return any time soon isn’t high, but if I were running things, it would at least be in the running for a subtitle for an NXT TakeOver event or something. Maybe it would work better as a television special, like “Fully Loaded SmackDown” instead.

New Year’s Revolution

With NXT New Year’s Evil and WWE Day 1, they’ve decided to just make new names instead of going with New Year’s Revolution.

I’m of two opinions about this. On the one hand, if you’ve already got an established name, why not bother to keep using that one? On the other hand, New Year’s Revolution isn’t so great that it bothers me a ton, even if I think it’s the best of the three.

Keep this as the live event tour, then. That’s what WWE’s done in the past.

Over the Limit

Like Fully Loaded, I think Over the Limit should be brought back, but I’m not as willing to just toss it anywhere. It could very well just be a pay-per-view in the middle of nowhere and work just as effectively, but I’ll admit that it sounds a bit cheesy.

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