WWE PPV Rebirth


WWE dropped The Fatal 4 Way PPV after just one show in 2010, I’m not sure what the buy rate of the PPV was but the concept and the action that happened was fun to watch. 3titles changed on the PPV The Divas Title, The WWE Title and The World Heavyweight Title this is quite eventful for a PPV that was dropped as quick as it had risen, The 3 new champions of the evening were Sheamus, Alicia Fox and Rey Mysterio who were all unexpected winners but all had decent runs. The event all round received mixed reviews but even the negative reviewers had some positives to say. My Main point of the article is to bring in a PPV that could stick around and entertain year in year out unlike PPV’S such as Vengeance and Bragging Rights and I think the rebirth of this one would be a good idea.

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