WWE Profiles: Dolph Ziggler


Once a member of a the Spirit Squad, Dolph Ziggler has been in singles competition in 2008 and has proven to be a top talent in the WWE. But how has his career gone and how does his future look like? I’m RatedRKO, and this is WWE Profiles, featuring Dolph Ziggler.

2 Time World Heavyweight Champion. MITB Winner. United States Champion. Intercontinental Champion. Tag Team Champion. Dolph has had the career that many would die to have. But how has his career really gone? Well, in a word, uneven. You see, Dolph had an impressive title history, but at the expense of being one of the most misused talents over the past year. You see, his two WHC Title reigns were both, disappointing. The first, he lost on the same night. The second, he lost at the succeeding PPV. WWE clearly did not have faith in him holding the WHC for a great deal of time. For the most part, Dolph has dwindled to the mid-card. He is a solid in ring performer, but he is best known for his selling. If someone were to spear Dolph, it would feel like you could tear him in half. That’s how impressive he is at it. Those are his strengths. Now on to his weaknesses.

Ziggler may be charismatic and is over with the crowd both as a heel and a face, but, let’s be honest here, he can’t cut a convincing promo. That’s the buffer between him and the likes of CM Punk. He’s not the full package. Just another above average mid-carder who isn’t at World Title status yet. Dolph hasn’t exactly established himself as a dominant force, too. Now this may be the fault of WWE for making him lose matches he well deserved, but Ziggler hasn’t convinced me, and I’m sure other people, that he is a dominant in-ring performer. There is no doubt he is talented, but we haven’t really seen that aspect of him featured enough. It’s unfortunate because if he had those important tangibles, I am sure he would see more success. So, with that in mind, where does Ziggler go after 2013?

Well, his future is very unpredictable. Ziggler has gone to the mid card, then to facing Edge for the WHC, then back to the mid card, then back to the main event when he won MITB, then back to, actually, tag team matches at WretleMania, then losing the title, then back to the mid card again. This has been the trend since he has been in the WWE and I see it continuing past 2013. Apparently, Ziggler has gotten some heat for his controversial interviews and his attitude backstage. Plus, I am not sure if he is a top PPV seller as well. So I believe Ziggler will dangle in the mid-card unless WWE finds faith in him, uses Ziggler to the best of their ability, and then, perhaps, winning WWE Championship gold.

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