WWE RAW News & Notes – The Opening Paris Terror Atttacks Tribute Video, Cesaro/Pre-Show


— Cesaro appeared on the WWE RAW pre-show Monday and below are some highlights from his appearance:

On competing in the WWE World Title tournament Cesaro says it should be everyone’s goal in WWE to win the World Title, and that is his goal in the tournament. He says that he represents every hard worker out there in this tournament, and that he hopes it will be the culmination of his career’s work

On facing Roman Reigns tonight, Cesaro says he knows he can beat him. He says he still “believes in wrestling” and that if you believe in yourself and work hard, then you can achieve your goals and your dreams. Cesaro was asked by a fan on Twitter if he will shake Reigns’ hand after Reigns beats him tonight, and Cesaro says you will just have to wait and see

Cesaro was asked if he would have accepted the offer Triple H made Roman Reigns last week on Raw, and Cesaro says “no.” He added that he works hard to represent the “Cesaro Section”, and he does what does for them and not for anyone else.

On what music he listens to to motivate him before a match, Cesaro named Eminem and Queen as two artists he listens to a lot. He added “We Are the Champions” was the song he listened to at WrestleMania this year.

— Here is the tribute to Paris in the wake of the attacks on Friday that opened RAW:

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