WWE RAW Results (6/22) – Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus, John Cena/Kevin Owens Feud, Lesnar/Rollins!


I’m guessing we’re supposed to think it’s his kid, however when the camera pans to the side, we see an empty rocking chair rocking back-and-forth. On that note we head to a commercial.

I would assume that means Reigns-Sheamus ends in a no contest, or that Sheamus wins by count-out, as no official ruling was announced.

Winner via Count Out: Sheamus

Backstage: Roman Reigns Searches For Bray Wyatt

When we return from the break, after a quick recap of seeing Wyatt having a candle-lit tea party with no one, which led to Reigns leaving to the backstage area in the middle of his match with Sheamus, we shoot live where we see Reigns looking for Wyatt.

Finally, Reigns enters the room that Wyatt was apparently in. It was a dark room lit up with candles and a little tea party set up, along with pictures all over the wall and red writing on the wall that said, “Anyone But Him.” The whole time Reigns is in the room, by the way, we hear Wyatt off-camera somewhere in the background singing, “I’m a little tea-pot, short and stout ….”

Backstage: Seth Rollins & J&J Security

Backstage, we see Seth Rollins and J&J Security at the coffee machine. Rollins tells the two to chill out and get over it. J&J Security, still upset, run down some of the disrespectful things Rollins has done and said to them over the last several months.

Rollins plays to their softer side, saying they are more than just his security, they are his friends — and he needs them. He says he doesn’t need help with Brock Lesnar, which he makes it clear, he says he does need them to make sure — as his security — that they help at least get him to Battleground.

Rollins extends his hand for a hand shake and asks if they are cool or not. J&J Security ignore his hand shake offer and simply walk off as Rollins looks upset.

Neville vs. Kofi Kingston

After the multiple backstage segments, we head back live inside the arena where Neville’s theme music plays. Out comes “The Man That Gravity Forgot,” who will be in action — next. On that note, we head to another commercial break.

We’re back from the break and out comes The New Day to their typical ring entrance. It looks like it will be Kofi Kingston representing The New Day against Neville in one-on-one action.

The bell sounds and here we go. Early on, Neville is controlling the action with lots of kicks and a big suplex. The action ends up on the floor where Big E. and Xavier Woods get involved until The Prime Time Players come out to even out the numbers game.

Ultimately, both The New Day (excluding Kingston, who is in the match) and The Prime Time Players are sent to the back so that the one-on-one action can continue under fair circumstances.

While Kingston argues with the referee, Neville knocks him down and climbs up to the top rope. The former NXT Champion hits his spectacular Red Arrow finisher. 1-2-3. Neville wins.

Winner: Neville

King Barrett vs. Zack Ryder

Next up on WWE Monday Night RAW is another singles match. Out comes the royal one himself, King Barrett, while Zack Ryder is already in the ring awaiting him.

The bell rings and this one is officially underway. Prior to the start of the match, we see King What’s Up (R-Truth dressed up like a king) in a pre-recorded interview from backstage that was shown via split-screen while the Barrett-Ryder match began in the ring.

Ryder actually gets in some offense in the early goings, however Barrett eventually cuts his efforts short by leveling him with a monsterous clothesline.

Out of nowhere, Ryder nearly nails the King with a Broski Boot, however Barrett avoids it. Ryder goes to the top rope, but Barrett crotches him and follows up by blasting him with a King Bull Hammer Elbow. 1-2-3. King Barrett picks up the win.

Winner: King Barrett

John Cena And Kevin Owens Promo Segment

After a commercial break, we come back and we hear the theme music of the current WWE United States Champion — John Cena. Cena gets his usual mixed-bag reaction, with some of the fans cheering, and most of them boo’ing.

Cena talks about Kevin Owens and how Owens thinks he disrespected him by telling him he belongs in the WWE.

Owens finally hears enough. His music plays and out comes the NXT Champion, who chooses to remain at the top of the stage with a microphone. Owens talks about how he wants the WWE United States Championship if he beats John Cena.

Owens says something in a different langauge. He asks Cena “what do you say, buddy? assuming that he’s tricking him into accepting a stipulation he doesn’t understand. Cena responds by saying something in the same language back to him. Then he says it again in Chinse. Finally, he says it in English.

Cena says at Battleground, if you want a fight, you got it, I accept. He says his final message anyone in the world will understand — I will kick your ass. He yells “The Champ Is Here!” as he raises his U.S. title proudly as his theme plays to end the segment.

Backstage: Seth Rollins & The Authority

We head backstage where WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins approaches Triple H and Stephanie McMahon — The Authority. Rollins basically sucks up to HHH and Stephanie. HHH tells Rollins to cut the crap. He says he wants J&J Security back because Brock Lesnar is back.

HHH says Lesnar is back because they believe in Rollins and believe he can beat him, but he’s scared. He says he should be scared, but a real champion should always fight. He says a smart man will always figure out a Plan B, a backup plan. He says a smart man — like you — walks down to that ring and apologizes.

He says three little words can make this all go away. He tells him to go say — I …Am …Sorry. Rollins asks what if Lesnar shows up. HHH asks him, as he pats him on the shoulder where the title is draped across, how bad he wants “this family.” We head to another commercial break.

The Bella Twins (with Alicia Fox) vs. Naomi & Tamina

When we return from the break, The Bella Twins music hits and out comes Nikki Bella, Brie Bella and Alicia Fox. Highlights are shown from last week’s SmackDown that shows why Alicia Fox is now aligned with The Bella Twins.

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