WWE Ready to Unleash a Recreation of Bully Ray


Our memories of the boys from Brooklyn are filled with an array of table crashing highlights, not a continuous show of good faith. The Dudley Boyz have left an imprint on the wrestling business as being EXTREME, so using them as law abiding citizens doesn’t go over with the same believability.

Since the return of Brooklyn’s Finest, they have feuded with the New Day and the Wyatts, with their relevance withering away as time passed on. Their return was met with such excitement and a championship run was not out of the cards. However, after the nostalgic moment died out, their roles started to be in serious question.

With WWE having being hit with an injury epidemic, WWE is in desperate need of some new heels. The Dudley Boyz, alongside the Usos, made a statement on this past Monday’s Raw when they took out the reigning WWE World Tag Team Champions, the New Day, in a tag team tables match. That in itself presents good reason to think that the Dudleyz are set to rejoin the championship picture, but they left their most emphatic statement for after the match. Not too long after celebrating, the Dudley’s went right back to the Extreme by attacking the Usos and plunging each man through a table with authority. As Devon circled the ring urging Jimmy and Jay to testify, the ECW chants were reminiscent of the time Mae Young faced the wood.

This has the potential to be a great move for the Dudleyz. While the turn represents a needed breath of fresh air for the Dudleyz, it’s not yet a guaranteed success by any measure. Even after they succeeded in the turn, they were still revered by many in attendance. Is this simply because the Usos aren’t as popular as creative thinks? No. The fact remains that the Dudleyz are simply too respected for fans to turn on them in the late stages of their career.

All things considered, the Dudleyz needed an added edge, one that permeated throughout their original WWE stint that’s been noticeably absent. They’ve played the nice card since returning with losses in their biggest matches and pay-per-view pre-show appearances. In my opinion, the nine-time WWE Tag Team Champs have no business being relegated to Tyler Breeze status. They have paid their dues and are too respected to be treated as a formality or a team that is here merely to help get others over. For sake of argument, even the New Age Outlaws received a title run late in their career at a time when the product needed new blood.

Whether or not a Dudleyz-Usos showdown is going to be a part of Fastlane, these two teams will undoubtedly get a chance to showcase their sheer dislike for each other. The result of such a collision could determine who goes on to square off with The New Day at WrestleMania 32. Theoretically, creative could also use this as an opportunity for some crowd pleasing TLC matches the same way TNA used the Hardy’s and the Wolves not too long ago.

The overdue heel turn is complete and a new direction seems to be developed. However, I keep asking myself what if there is more. What it’s the beginning to another angle being formed? What if WWE is contemplating splitting up the legendary Dudley Boyz? Lastly, Could WWE being looking to add their own version of a Bully?

Bully Ray was a major hit in TNA even after it wasn’t accepted right away. This lead to Bubba having a credible run with the TNA Championship twice. Bubba Ray Dudley, who’s been so good at incensing audiences for over two decades, can carry a promo and a match all by himself. Bubba as Bully Ray drew a lot of heat from the TNA fans and WWE knows it wouldn’t be hard to replicate the same this time around.

At a time of crisis and unfortunate injury, all options are on the table. Bully Ray could be a key to keeping AJ Styles as a babyface. Creative could experiment on many angles, including the past history between the two. I personally would welcome the new direction and think it would resonate well among the fans. Why bring back Batista, when you could just insert a Bully?

I know we have all been gearing up for a record – 10th tag team Championship win for the Dudleyz, but the best play of the deck could be the recreation of a past heel. If Triple H can play the game, why can’t Bully Ray be resurrected from the Aces & Eights?

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