WWE Releases A Preview For John Cena/Trainwreck, A RVD/Groupon Comedy Show Deal, More


— WWE released a new video looking at Trainwreck, which features John Cena and opens Friday:

— There is a deal via Groupon to see Rob Van Dam live at the Comedy Store in West Hollywood. The show is described as follows:

Wrestling fans will recognize Rob Van Dam from his time with Extreme Championship Wrestling, World Wrestling Entertainment and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Known as RVD, the wrestler has won more than 20 championships, felling opponents with his signature Five Star Frog Splash and Van Daminator finishing moves. Now that he’s semi-retired, Van Dam has taken to the comedy stage, where he riffs on all manner of topics, from male-female relationships to the difference between comedy and wrestling. “Stand-up comedians have their own form of currency,” he says, “and it’s called bar tabs.” See him at The Comedy Store in Hollywood.

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