WWE Roadblock 2016 3-Count: Top Stars of the Night


WWE Roadblock is in the can, so as we reflect on the events that transpired, I figured the focal point of this 3-Count would be the top three stars of the night who took the biggest amount of the spotlight from my point of view.

Keep in mind that with every WWE event, there are others who have upped their credibility or been given some kind of a boost that don’t make this list for one reason or another, but that doesn’t mean they were useless or anything of the sort. Along with this, just because someone won a match doesn’t mean that they’re by default the bigger star, as factors like the importance of the match, the type of victory they had and more should all be considered. In the end, the question is more about who the people are who stood out in a positive way the most, rather than who is in a better position when it comes to kayfabe.


With that being said, here’s my list of the top three of the night.

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady

This is the second time The Revival have defeated Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady with the NXT Tag Team Championship on the line, but despite this, it’s obvious that the latter are much better suited for the main roster. Even in losing here, they made out looking like the true stars who could fit on Monday Night Raw rather than sticking around NXT for the foreseeable future and continuing to fail in their quest to become champions.

Right off the bat, Enzo and Cass (and Carmella) appeared to just already be main event stars, and when Dash and Dawson came out, they just seemed like jobbers in comparison. The match was primarily in their favor and the fans were clearly on their side, so even if they don’t have the gold, they’ll be the team people will be talking about going forward, not The Revival. Don’t be surprised if you see them showing up either during the build to WrestleMania or the night afterward, while Dash and Dawson stay in developmental for a long while.

Brock Lesnar

Is it any surprise that Brock Lesnar would be on this list? He’s The Beast Incarnate and is consistently booked to be one of the people with the strongest showings of every night that he makes an appearance. In this case, Lesnar not only won his match—which was technically 2-on-1, by the way—he absolutely destroyed his opponent. Who those opponents were shouldn’t be skipped over easily, either. While Bray Wyatt didn’t involve himself in the match whatsoever, Luke Harper is not someone to just be steamrolled on a regular basis.

If Lesnar did this with Adam Rose, nobody would turn an eye, but Harper is the workhorse of The Wyatt Family, a former Intercontinental Champion, and someone who dominates people in his own right. He’s one of the most physically imposing people on the roster and he was made to look like a total chump in comparison to Lesnar. The New Face of Desolation was utterly destroyed and in the process, Lesnar made up for any damage that was done to his credibility when he came up short at the Royal Rumble and Fastlane.

The story between Lesnar and Wyatt is clearly not over, but it’s abundantly clear that Wyatt will stand no chance when they do lock up.

Dean Ambrose

In the same scenario as the NXT Tag Team Championship match, the loser of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match was the man who came out looking like gold more so than the winner. This was Dean Ambrose’s match more than it was Triple H’s. From bell to bell, the story being told was about how Ambrose was able to manipulate The Cerebral Assassin of all people. This is something that rarely ever happens, since Triple H always makes sure his character is protected as being one of the best.

Tonight, though, it was Triple H’s match to lose in the eyes of the fans, yet it turned into Ambrose’s control. There were times where the audience (myself included) bought into the idea that The Lunatic Fringe might actually pull it out. The false finish where referee John Cone counted the pinfall but immediately clarified that it was invalid was a great addition to put Ambrose over, since this is now the second time that he has basically won the title only for it to be overturned. That means it’s a reminder to the audience that he’s on the level, but just keeps getting the “so close, and yet so far” treatment in some fashion or another.

Triple H squeaked by with relative luck at the end, rather than cementing his status above Dean Ambrose, which was his normal modus operandi in the past. Seeing as how Ambrose isn’t even his challenger for WrestleMania, it’s very interesting for so much attention to be given to him and for Roman Reigns to be left completely off the card, not making an appearance in any way. This might even signify that WWE is listening to the audience who supports Ambrose with intense passion, but isn’t quite so ready to cheer for Reigns. While Triple H is still the champion, the way this match was booked and the performances that went down showcase Ambrose as perhaps the #1 top babyface in the company.

Who do you think were the biggest stars of WWE Roadblock? Should Charlotte have made this list, or possibly The New Day, Sami Zayn or Chris Jericho? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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