WWE Royal Rumble 2022 Records Predictions: Who Will Score the Most Eliminations?


Welcome to part 2 of my predictions series breaking down which superstars will be entering the record books when it comes to the 2021 Royal Rumble matches.

In part 1, I focused my 3-Count on the men and women I think could have the best staying power and last the longest. For this part, I want to shift my attention onto people who may play the best offense, instead, by scoring the most eliminations and tossing people out left and right.

While we don’t know the full field of competitors for either the men or women’s matches, I’ve narrowed down my picks to the top 3 Superstars I think have the best chance of standing out as the most dominant wrestlers in the crowd.

In no particular order, let’s start digging…


Bianca Belair

As it stands, Belair has the record for most eliminations tied with Shayna Baszler at 8 from 2020. Since I imagine The EST of WWE is one of the most likely winners of this and could be booked toward the front end of the night to go a long time, I think it’s foolish to imagine she’s not on the top 3 to score the most eliminations.

In fact, I think it’s almost a guarantee. If I were putting money on any of these predictions on this page, it would be this one.

Charlotte Flair

Flair has a “most eliminations” record to her name for the 2019 event with 5, which tied Michelle McCool’s from 2018. It’s not the most impressive feat, but it’s something. I’ll always say this, just as I said it for the longest time post: never count out Flair winning something, even if she doesn’t need it.

Too much emphasis has been put on how she plans to win this to pick her own challenger. She’s far too big of a name and they always want her to look strong. That’s especially true when she’s holding a championship going into it. There’s no way she doesn’t score at least 5 eliminations again.

Raquel Gonzalez

While she’s not confirmed for the match, and that makes me second-guess putting her on the longest time list, I do feel more confident she could have an impressive showing with eliminations here. Of course, that’s assuming she’s even in it, but she has to be, right?

Gonzalez is booked like a powerhouse. In order to show that to the main roster viewers who don’t watch NXT, Big Mami Cool will be a perfect candidate for a “Diesel spot” where she cleans house and takes out a bunch of people.

She’s even one of my top picks to win. Keep an eye on her.


Liv Morgan – She can never win the big one, and won’t win this match. But scoring the most eliminations is something of a consolation prize.

Rhea Ripley – Ripley had the most eliminations in 2021 with 7. That’s just 1 shy of the record for the women’s match. While she’s lost a LOT of steam in the past 12 months, they should still value her well enough to give her a handful of people to toss over the top rope.

Shayna Baszler – Baszler currently has the record with Belair, as mentioned. You can’t count her out.

The Bella Twins – Double-teaming people would be a good strategy to take a lot of names out. Even if they hit 5 eliminations, that might be the record for this match. We’ve seen plenty years where that was the most any one person (or two, in this case) achieved.

Bayley – If she’s in it, she’s not just going to show up, get eliminated and be a regular person. She’ll be one of the more featured women. While her injury status makes it hard to anticipate WWE would give her the victory, nor do I think they’d have her last the longest, I could see her popping up toward the 25 range or even #30 and scoring a lot of eliminations rather quickly.


Big E

Outside of the “completely random person who just happens to get the most eliminations in a year where WWE isn’t focused on that part of the story” pick, there are typically three types of Superstars who throw over the most opponents.

Big E would fit the bill of the sympathetic babyface who is trying to work their way toward the title and has to gut it out. He’s a bigger guy, so it’s believable he could pick up these other Superstars and flip them over the top rope.

As a former champion who is looking to earn a shot to win his title back, he’s someone fans will be invested in. The more eliminations he scores, the more people will be hyped up that he could actually win it. I don’t think he will stand tall at the end, but he could make a compelling contender.

Don’t forget that Big E scored the most eliminations last year, tied with Damian Priest. It was only 4, but that’s still more than others.


Another trope is the super big guy who nobody can eliminate on their own and tosses people around like they’re nothing. Omos is that guy right now, fitting into the mold of The Great Khali (7 eliminations in 2007), Ryback (most in 2013), Braun Strowman (most in 2016, 2017 and Greatest Royal Rumble) and so on.

I fully expect to see at least a small portion of this match dedicated to Omos wrecking everyone before either one person gets a lucky move to take him out, or multiple people team up. But he should probably take out 4 or 5 people in that fight.

Kevin Owens

The last trope is the conniving heel. Think Steve Austin in 1997. While I highly doubt we’re getting a story revolving around someone as much as that Royal Rumble was, I do think there’s room for someone like Kevin Owens to go on a tear.

As I mentioned in the predictions for the longest time, enough attention has been given to Owens wanting to win the Royal Rumble to fight for the championship at WrestleMania against Seth Rollins that he’s become one of the more viable candidates.


Brock Lesnar – What if Roman Reigns screws Lesnar out of dropping the WWE Championship to Bobby Lashley earlier in the night, so Lesnar enters the Royal Rumble (somehow), destroys everyone, and earns a shot to fight The Tribal Chief at WrestleMania? Stranger things have happened. I actually think this is one of the more likely scenarios, and if that’s how it goes down, I think Lesnar easily scores at least 5 eliminations.

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