WWE Royal Rumble Series #19 (2006)


Welcome back to the series. This is a detailed WWE Royal Rumble 2006 match review. The concept of the match is unique, and it’s fun to relive the classics. I hope you have enjoyed it so far, and I can’t believe we’re on #19:

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WWE Royal Rumble 2006 – RIP Latino Heat

Miami, Florida – January 29th, 2006

Much like how WWE changed with the absence of Howard Finkel and Jim Ross, I’d like to take this review in a different direction. While the Rumble has been the focal point of the show for years, this marks the first time it was not the main event since 1998. WWE felt John Cena winning the WWE title (by making Edge tap), and Kurt Angle retaining the World title against Mark Henry were more important.

Other matches featured on this card include The Boogeyman defeating JBL. Mickie James going over Ashley Massaro, and Gregory Helms winning the Cruiserweight title in a six way. The likely reason the Rumble did not main event, is because The Undertaker was scheduled to return. It had to go on last, as The Deadman appeared and destroyed the ring from under Kurt Angle’s feet. Another fun fact? A young Jon Moxley AKA Dean Ambrose can be seen dressed up as one of the druids.

Viva La Raza Eddie Guerrero

WWE Royal Rumble 2006 happened two and a half months after the tragic passing of Eddie Guerrero, and I remember it like it were yesterday. Everyone who knew him were so upset, and it still hurts to think he is no longer with us. I bought an Eddie Guerrero t-shirt, which I still own and wear to this day. And at first, it felt good for WWE to remember him with shirts, arm bands, and other merchandise. They were grieving, and rightly giving the fans options to buy things they could always remember him by.

It was a really difficult time for WWE, the wrestlers, and all the fans. But WWE couldn’t move on from tributing Eddie, so much so that the Wrestling Observer Newsletter awarded them with the Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic of 2006: Exploitation of the death of Eddie Guerrero”. It’s questionable, but the fact of the matter is, this Royal Rumble is historic because of Latino Heat. Eddie never won the Rumble in his life, but this would’ve been his if it were possible.

Rumble Roundup (#1-10)

Here’s the highlights of the 2006 Royal Rumble match. Rey Mysterio dedicated it to his big brother Eddie Guerrero. You can watch it fully in the videos above, starting from the 45:30 mark in the first video. Apologies for some small parts being cut for no apparent reason.

Lillian Garcia’s attempt at announcing the match is interrupted by The Spirit Squad. They work through their cringey routine, and it’s crazy knowing this is Dolph Ziggler’s big break in WWE. And yeah .. Lillian Garcia can be forgiven (she’s no Fink yet) for accidentally calling it the “Royal Wumble”. The first participants are ‘The Game’ Triple H and Rey Mysterio. Hunter couldn’t help but smile (send for the man!) as Mysterio entered driving Eddie’s low rider. Why didn’t Chavo Guerrero get to do this? Wasn’t this Los Guerrero’s gimmick? Loud “Eddie” chants start us off. Rey comes out swinging, but the crowd gasps as Triple H is close to eliminating him.

Here comes the fitness guru Simon Dean (always liked him) .. and yeah, major boos for going after Mysterio. Looking to team up with Triple H .. Dean gets a fist in the mouth, along with being eliminated by Rey & Hunter. Out next is Psicosis, another heel I always liked; although he never should’ve unmasked and Mexicools was very stereotypical. Rey & Psicosis pick up from where they left off. Mysterio counters and eliminates Psicosis with a head scissors. Ric Flair enters and lights up The Game with fists and chops. Triple H goes for a Pedigree, but The Nature Boy grabs him by the balls. They exchange thumbs to the eyes, before Flair gets back body dropped to the floor.

Honestly would’ve liked to see Flair hang on a bit longer than that. Despite not doing much, Triple H already looks tired as Big Show grins his way to the ring. Show uses the cast on his arm to chop, and repeatedly slams/elbow drops Triple H. Ugh .. for a second year in a row, Jonathan Coachman is wasting a spot. And doesn’t last long enough (thanks Big Show) to talk about him any further. Before the next entrant, Show chokeslams Triple H. It’s Lashley! And I have to agree with King saying his physique is on another level. Lashley and Show go at it, and while Show does stop him in the beginning, he’s soon flying through the air courtesy of the insane strength on the back drop. Big Show rolls to the outside but is not eliminated.

Oh oh! It’s the Big Red Machine Kane! He’s not only setting a record for most consecutive appearances (8), but still holds the record for most eliminations. Lashley belly to belly’s Kane like a cruiserweight. The crowd pops as Lashley lifts Triple H high with a military press .. but they’re soon hushed when he’s slammed to the mat. What a tease. Again, Lashley lifts Kane on his shoulders .. but uses Faarooq’s old Dominator finisher instead of eliminating him. Somehow, fashion consultant Sylvan (Grenier) is eliminated even quicker than Coach, as Lashley mercilessly tosses him over the top with no regard for his safety.


Big Show’s back in the ring, so he & Kane (tag team champs) double chokeslam Lashley to hell, followed by elimination. The tag team partners come to blows in the middle of the ring as it’s every man for himself. They start choking each other while leaning over the top rope. Triple H sees this as a grand opportunity to eliminate both! So we’re back to him and Mysterio again. “I spit in the face of people who don’t want to be cool”. Carlito’s in, and I’ve always been a fan. He cheekily grins after giving Mysterio a back cracker. Triple H and Carlito get in to it, as the next entrant is due .. and umm, it’s Chris Benoit. He chops everyone down, as Triple H, Carlito and Mysterio try to stop his flurry.

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