WWE’s Top 5 Divas of All Time


Paige/ Natalya

Ok, so I’m not starting of the list on the best foot but I honestly couldn’t decide between these two divas. These two second generation wrestlers were born for greatness. The Canadian Sensation Natalya was born into a successful family, born into the hard hitting technical style the Harts are knows for. Where as Paige has a stiff and crisp style of in ring ability brought to the States from the UK. Regardless of which one

of these two that you think is better, there’s no doubt both divas have proven themselves in the ring.

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No one ever said longevity was equal to greatness. Well someone might have said that, but the point I’m making is although Jazz’s WWE career wasn’t long, it was definitely memorable. Jazz was a diva who stood toe to toe with Trish and knocked her lights out. Which was a kick in the ass the divas division needed at that time, it needed a diva who was no nonsense and nothing but a brutal force. Jazz had some athletic, wrestling based ability along with brutal power and submissions. Jazz was certainly one of the most underrated in the ring.



I see the comments now, “Lita at number 3?!? Who’s better than Lita? ” Keep your pants on! One, because you shouldn’t read articles pantless and two because Lita is amazing, but this list is about who’s the best, to which I don’t think Lita is. But let’s focus on the positives, Lita was a high flyer which no one saw from a diva at that time. I said previously, she was just as comfortable in a bikini as she was climbing a ladder. Lita can be credited to bringing something new to the ring, anyone in the ring with Lita had to get better. Lita is definitely one of the best.


Alundra Blayze

Before there was Chyna or Beth Phoenix, there was Alundra Blayze.

She came up in a division sort of inhabited by an older generation of women wrestler. Blayze was a new age of diva who bought some athleticism to a stale division. I know this was kinda breaking my rule cause Blayze went to WCW and had success but I couldn’t let this one go. On a Mount Rushmore of divas, Alundra Blayz would be on of those names.

Alundra Blayze

Honorable Mentions



AJ Lee


Trish Stratus

This shouldn’t come as a surprise but in case it does let’s break it down. Trish Stratus was not supposed to be anything more than a valet and pretty little manager. But when she stepped into the ring she had timing and a crisp “catch as catch can” style of wrestling that no one ever expected. Trish was so good in the ring, she and Lita were able to main event WWE’s flagship show on more that one occasion. Trish is undoubtably the greatest in ring diva of all time.

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