WWE Scouting Report: Top 10 Prospects


Okay, so yesterday I tried doing not one, but two versions of this article. I wanted to do a top 25, but apparently the file was too large and I instantly thought about going insane. But cooler heads prevail. This is the last time I’ll try doing this, and if it doesn’t work, I’m quitting. Anyways, in honor of the WWE draft, and in honor of doing articles that isn’t a random entry, I decided to do an NBA/NFL style scouting report on the WWE talents and who Shane and Stephanie should have on the top of their list once the draft commences. Once they are in their respective war rooms, and decipher who will be best for each brand, hopefully they’ll look at this article. Probably not, but it’s at least worth a shot. For those of you who are curious as to who rounded out the other 15, here’s a brief list and a brief summary.

11. – Samoa Joe : Great brawler, experienced veteran, not afraid to get down and dirty, or technical, versatile, would make a great monster heel.

12. – Sami Zayn : High energy, unlike Jeb Bush, tremendous ring acumen, needs more time on the mic, puts taxi drivers to shame, concerns me with Daniel Bryan like appeal some say he has. Vince isn’t high on those type of guys.

13. – The Miz: Complete career rejuvenation since Maryse returned. Most underrated heel of past two years. Simple heel tactics, but it works.

14. Chris Jericho: Someone wrote an article here a couple days ago saying to appreciate him. Wonder who that was? Putting his body on the line with ladders and thumb tacks ay 46. 2016 has been his best hear since returning. Drink it in man.

15. Bray Wyatt: Physical wrestler, gifted speaker, speaks in a room that resembles the weed room from That 70’s Show, maybe doesn’t have the look of a champion that WWE is looknig for.

16. Rusev: Does his job as a heel well, WrestleMania 31 entrance kicked ass, funniest Twitter, hottest manager, needs to move on from the US Title, because that’s all he’s been doing.

17. Cesaro: Top 3 mat wrestler, horrendous mic skills, needs to diversify. Turns 36 in December, so it’s now or never time.

18. Sheamus: Proven workhorse, hair would make for complimentary Halloween item, probably not suited for main events now.

19. Hideo Itami: Poor man’s Shinsuke Nakamura. Talented wrestler, amazing technical skills, but there isn’t a good track record of those who have injuries that keep them out for over a year. Especially smaller guys.

20. Neville: Great spot monkey, greatly built for a guy his size, but not much reason to care about him. The man WWE Fans Forgot.

21. Dolph Ziggler: Experienced, former world champ, but seems visibly unhappy, his selling skills look cartoonish and looks like his WWE days are numbered.

22. Baron Corbin: Good look, but not interesting, needs to speak up on the mic and he’ll be bald by WrestleMania 33.

23. Apollo Crews: Mini Bobby Lashley. Tremendous athleticism, good ups, but not much else. Experience needed with how to sell and speak.

24. Austin Aries: Gifted in ring talent, but I haven’t been drinking the kool aid on him. Never was. That’s just me. You could have him anywhere from 18-24 to be honest.

25. Titus O’Neil: Great ambassador, captain of WWE Superstars.

There have been reports that WWE is planning to split up some of the prominent tag teams, so I won’t be including the tag team division nor will I be including theWomen’s division, because I’ve heard reports varying from all the Division being on one brand to there being two Women’s titles once again and them being split up. But I will be including NXT talents. So with all that said, here is my scouting report.

10. Shinsuke Nakamura

When I see Shinsuke Nakamura, I instantly think “megastar”. It helps that he has worldwide appeal in various countries, there by stretching out WWE’s global influence. When we talk about what he provides in the ring, it really speaks for itself. He’s astute in the ring, especially utilizing his feet, his charisma is over 9000 (who gets that reference?), his theme music must have been written by a deity, and he has a tremendous feel for the business. I suspect that he’ll get a mid-card feud to get him familiarized with the main roste rstyle, but afterwards, all bets are off. Sure, he won’t be speaking fluent English on the mic, but who really cares? That shouldn’t be a deterrent for wasting his talents, he is a tremendous figure for the business, one of their best free agent signings, and he’ll no doubt be one of the huge players for the future of WWE, in my estimation. Count on it. His value is probably more than 10, but given the experience of the other guys that I have on this list, he drops a bit, but not in terms of value. I’d say he’s worth in the 6-10 range if he’s available. With experience on the main roster, he’ll climb the ranks in no time.

9. Finn Balor

Just like Nakamura, formerly known as Prince Devitt, Balor is well-traveled and he ahs tremendous in ring prowess. If his entrance music and his demonic feel have any indication, it will make for one epic WrestleMania moment. Anyways, Balor’s strengths come from in the ring, where he works a crafty style that can get the crowd involved. He’s also very high energy and doesn’t leave for a dull moment, which is important if you want to keep the crowd immersed into the match. He’s average on the mic, but he has the look of a great superstar. His loss to Nakamura on NXT last week all but confirms that his main roster debut will be imminent at the draft. There’s simply no reason for him to stay in NXT anymore. Even the NXT fans started to grow tired when he kept telling people at live events when he said he’ll be staying in NXT. It’s time for him to move on to bigger and better things. He’ll no doubt be an asset on the main roster, and I think he’d make a fine Intercontinental Champion myself. He’ll definitely get into the world title picture sooner or later as well. As the holder of the NXT Title for the majority of 2015 and the first half of 2016, he won’t have any issues adjusting to the main roster. Definitely worth this slot.

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