WWE Scouting Report: Top 10 Prospects


3. Roman Reigns

WWE is missing a huge opportunity with this guy. He’s apparently gotten on Vince’s ugly, pissed off side with his wellness violation fiasco right before the draft. While I think his immediate future isn’t in total jeopardy as a top guy, I think his days as THE guy as he keeps reminding us may be numbered. He’s weak on the mic and he still needs to find a diverse movest, though he has grown in that regard. So why is he 3? I’m really basing this off of his potential as a heel. I remember how much he dismantled Triple H and Sheamus and TLC, and I instantly thought, WOW, imagine now that he’s not trying to garner sympathy from the crowd like he was back then. WWE is going about Roman all wrong. He has the look of a badass Samoan looking for a reason to be pissed off. Imagine him coming every RAW or Smackdown and just looking for someone to beat the living hell out of. I guarantee you many would hop on the bandwagon train if Roman were to turn heel, which I thought they were teasing at Money In The Bank. He’ll still be a top guy on his brand, whether it be RAW or Smackdown and whether it’s as a good or a bad guy. But as for now, he’s not a good guy, he’s not a badd guy, he’s number 3.

2. Dean Ambrose

2016 has been the year of the Lunatic. I remember a couple of months ago I wrote a piece saying that it was time for WWE to stop beating around the bush with Ambrose and just turn him heel. Not in order to salvage his career, but to give his character a new dimension. I remembered his days of The Shield where he oiled up his hair came out with a scowl resembling that of the Joker and being talented on the mic. He lost at WrestleMania, lost his IC Title on RAW in a 5-way match and his feud with Jericho didn’t elevate him so I thought his career was going to go right into a tailspin. But then he won Money In The Bank and cashed in on the same night like Kane did six years ago. He has a great knack for getting the crowd involved, his character s unorthodox, and while his moveset can be cartoony at times, he can adjust with any opponent. He’ll remain a top guy as a face, but my big concern with Ambrose is if he is in WWE’s good graces and if they have enough faith in him to carry the future. His matches on RAW and Battleground in the next week will tell me a lot that I need to know about where WWE stands, because reports are coming out that Ambrose is a placeholder champion and the real money is in Rollins/Reigns, which I’ll only buy if Rollins is a face and Roman is a heel. Ambrose deserves an extended run with the title, just to at least test his metal. If it doesn’t work so be it, but Ambrose has grown immensely, and it’s time I start taking him seriously.

1. Seth Rollins

Surely you weren’t expecting someone else. Bottom line? NO one has the diverse skills that Rollins has at this point in time. It’s funny, because he just screams “babyface” but he still works as a heel just fine. His moves are so precise, combining aerial assaults with mat moves. He has grown tremendously on the mic, has a great look and hasn’t lost a beat since returning from his ugly leg injury. In a lot of ways, he looks better. I addition, he became the first person to beat Roman clean one on one straight up at Money In The Bank, which tells me a lot. It’s no wonder why Vince is high on him. In addition, he’s a CrossFit Deity. Females love Crossfit. Anyways, Rollins’ place as a top guy is set in stone for the forseeable future unless there’s a rash change in plans. He’s the most valuable asset that WWE has to offer at this point in time, and it’d be a travesty if he’s not the number 1 pick. I understand Ambrose apologists may be angry at me because I have him over the WWE Champion, but if we’re being honest, he’s just keeping Rollins’ title warm for him. The money is in Rollins. The future is Rollins, and he’s my number 1 pick. Seth. Freaking. Rollins.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know? I won’t be available for a while, but I’ll definitely read the comments and get back to them and I’ll also have my Battleground predictions and review hopefully sooner than later. Until next time, y’all. Deuces.

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