WWE Should Air Best Of For Christmas Shows


Every year around this time we get a taped Raw and Smackdown broadcast that revolves around Christmas. They don’t advance any storylines and is just there to fill air time. Why not just have a best of Raw or best of Smackdown edition that night?


We get unnecessary family fun that is not for the whole family. The superstars are just trying to make it through the taping and want to be home but who could blame them. WWE Raw and Smackdown are going to get low ratings due to the holidays. WWE knows that but with the decision making is well we have a new episode every week is why the product is the way it is.

Give your hard working Superstars and Diva’s an extra week off, you already make them have a week tour a day after Christmas. Come on man, put your product first not your pride is my argument.

It does not end just with the people working but think about creative. You have to come up with four total shows in about four days; common sense says that they will just be throwing together matches and segments. Lately all we get is matches just because creative is searching for ideas.

This point of course drives me back to my first statement it hurts the product. Disagree or agree either way, I wish everyone a happy holiday.

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