WWE Should Unify The I-C & U.S. Titles


With the the WWE and World Heavyweight titles being unified, the thought popped in my head. Why not unify the Intercontinental & U.S Titles? Why not go back to the old way with only four titles in the land of the giant in WWE. You have a major, minor or mid card, tag team and divas titles that superstars and divas can fight their way to the top then go on to challenge and possibility of capturing the titles.


With the years going by and really the times of WWE is changing in such a way that why is it necessary to have two mid card titles. Now days with the recent crowned Intercontinental champion (Big E. Langston) have been focused has the mid card champion. Dean Ambrose who is the U.S champion is been in major feuds and 6 man tag matches. Both me doing well but the focused has been shifted away for the title for the U.S belt.

If you’re a champion in WWE, then that means you’re a big deal. Now I do understand that titles are seen as props instead of Holy Grail of the Wrestling world these days. It hard to understand that they would have two titles when they make you think that the locker room is larger than life characters. Maybe I should put it as this, you have superstars like Zack Ryder, 3MB, Dolph Ziggler, Real Americans, ETC then you have the big superstars who are on the top of the card: Punk, Bryan, Cena, Orton, Mysterio, and The Big Show.

There is a big difference in those guys, one of my favorite quotes is “Can you put asses in this seats?” well those big superstars that I listed can and the other just superstars are not on the headline in the main event. If you’re not following it’s like this, you have people who should / are challenging for these mid card titles on their way to being those headline, main event caliber guys. If they are jobbed out to the upper level guys then they will not make new stars.

Looking back at history, Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Steve Austin, Triple, Bret Hart, Randy Orton are just some of the names on a big list that have risen the ranks and gone from the bottom of the card to the top. Most have had a good reign as mid card champions; therefore the titles are very important of getting these superstars to rise to the top of the card.

The idea that Wrestling is very difficult to create is not the case. You have two superstars that have a reason to feud, a reason the fans are interested in, build up, build up to this one match and have them square off. You have the belt; I want the belt, Bam! a reason to have a match that means something.

If you have these champions lose on a weekly bases as seen in the past then the value of the titles then go down.

I say either keep one or create a new championship but one thing needs to happen is there should be one mid card champion.

Thanks for reading.

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