WWE SmackDown (5/28) Results: RAW Rematch


[Show: WWE Smackdown] [Location: Wilkes-Barre, PA] [Date: 5/28/15] [Airing On Syfy]


Welcome to Thursday night SmackDown, Dean Ambrose makes his way down to the ring to open the show. Ambrose brings up Monday’s episode of RAW and how the Authority had him arrested. He talks about the angle, he said that he got one phone call, does he want pizza? Nah, he called Roman Reigns. He said that he can’t miss his chance at taking the WWE title from Roman Reigns. He thinks about how he can break out of the jail, but then a miracle happened, WWE’s YouTube channel. That video showed that he never actually pushed the cameraman, so the charges were dropped. He said that the police at the NYPD and they even let him drive their van. He drove back to the arena and did what he did to the Authority. He said that this Sunday, the reign of Seth Rollins ends and the reign of Dean Ambrose begins.

A graphic was shown that said that Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns vs. Kane and Seth Rollins would be the main event. Also, Paige vs. Naomi in a singles match and Ryback vs. Rusev in a singles match will also take place later in the show.

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Tag Team Match: Lucha Dragons vs. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd with The Ascension, The New Day, Los Matadores and The Prime Time Players at ringside acting as Lumberjacks.

Cara and Kidd start things off, Kidd with a back elbow, he tags in Cesaro who hit a powerslam for 2. Cesaro with a kneebar, but Cara kicked him off. Cara reversed an Irish whip, hit a big boot and landed a hurricanrana. Kalisto tagged in, he shot off the ropes and into a back elbow by Cesaro. Kalisto with a big boot, went for a sunset flip into a quick roll, but Cesaro grabbed him, put him up for a suplex and Kidd flew off the top rope with a Crossbody for 2. Kalisto threw Kidd into his corner, he and Sin Cara double teamed Kidd. Kalisto hit a hurricanrana and Kidd went flying across the ring to send us to break.

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We’re back with Cesaro having a headlock on Kalisto. Cesaro let it go, he put Kalisto into his corner and tagged in Kidd. Kalisto jumped over Cesaro and tagged in Sin Cara. This led Cara hitting an arm drag into a hurricanrana for 2. Kidd with a knee to the gut of Cara. Cesaro tagged in, he hit a series of uppercuts to Sin Cara. Cesaro drop kicked Kalisto off the apron. Cara rolled up Cesaro for 2. Cara off the ropes, he hit a spin out face plant for 2. Kalisto tagged in and hit a springboard crossbody for 2. Kalisto with a kick to the jaw of Cesaro for 2. Cesaro with a belly to belly suplex on Kalisto, he tagged in Kidd, who hit an elbow drop off the top rope for 2. Kalisto went for a hurricanrana, but Kidd caught him and locked in the sharpshooter. Cara with a springboard clothesline to break it up. Cesaro with a superkick to Sin Cara. Kalisto launched Cesaro over the top rope and taking out the lumberjacks. Kidd sent Sin Cara over the top rope, Kalisto hit the selena del sol on Kidd for the win.

Winners: Lucha Dragons

Seth Rollins and Kane are shown talking in Kane’s office. Rollins said that everyone knows that Dean Ambrose needs to be locked up for good. Jamie Noble told a great little story about a crazy aunt he has. Rollins told Kane that they need to get on the same page tonight. Kane said that they will take out Dean Ambrose tonight.

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Singles Match: R-Truth vs. King Barrett.

Barrett with a powerslam, he locked in a headlock on R-Truth. Barrett beatdown Truth for most of the match. Truth fought back and hit his finisher for the win.

Winner: R-Truth

Post-match, Sheamus ran down to the ring and hit both men with the Brogue kick. Sheamus stood tall in the ring to close a segment.

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Lana was interviewed by Renee Young. She said that she has no relationship with Dolph Ziggler. Rusev interrupted, Lana mocked his behavior. He said that he already had his way with Dolph Ziggler. Rusev has no accent anymore. He said that he is not jealous of Dolph Ziggler.

Singles Match: Rusev vs. Ryback.

They lock up, Ryback with a shoulder block and some right hands. Ryback kicked him in the face as the fans rally behind him. Rusev with a back elbow, he landed a headbutt and a series of kicks to the back of Ryback. Rusev threw him into the corner, Ryback battled out with a series of right hands. Rusev with a back elbow. Ryback sent Ryback to the floor. They battle at ringside, Rusev with a fall away slam on Ryback.

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We’re back with Rusev landing a back elbow. Ryback with a clothesline and you can tell Rusev’s ankle is bothering him. Ryback with a big boot and then went for a powerslam, but Rusev fell and rolled to the ringside area. Rusev sent Ryback face first into the ring post twice and that’s the match.

Winner: Ryback by DQ.

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Singles Match: Paige vs. Naomi.

Paige is on the early attack, she landed a series of knees to the head of Naomi. However, Naomi sent Paige arm first into the ring post. Naomi then sent her shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Naomi then targets the injured arm and shoulder of Paige. Moments later, Paige makes her comeback and landed a super kick. Paige went for the PTO, but blocked. Naomi off the ropes and went for a crossbody, but caught and Paige hit the RamPaige for the win.

Winner: Paige

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NXT Champion Kevin Owens makes his way down to the ring. Michael Cole interviews Owens in the middle of the ring. Owens cut a promo about how he might have been in WWE for a short while, but he’s been working all over the world for fifteen years. He said that he’s going to dominate John Cena this Sunday. He runs down how much John Cena sucks with championships, t-shirts and more. He said that Cena should be the one to prove something to him. Owens showed footage of him destroying Sami Zayn at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable. He said that he did something he said he would do. He said that if he could do something so bad to someone he cares about then imagine what he will do to John Cena this Sunday. Owens said that once he does that, then there will be no more doubt that the real champion is here.

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