WWE Superstars Who Need a Name Change


Renaming him LA Knight again doesn’t change up his character drastically. He can be exactly the same person called Max Dupri. We’re not talking a Mean Mark Callous versus The Undertaker situation.

Maxxine Dupri should stay that name. It’s more dynamic than Sofia Cromwell. Max Dupri or LA Knight, I can give or take, but it would be a name I wouldn’t mind seeing changed if more people voted for Knight over Dupri.

Charlie Dempsey

There’s something to be said about making a name for yourself, rather than relying entirely on being a second-generation star. The Rock’s daughter isn’t using the Maivia or Johnson name, for instance. Charlie Dempsey is in a similar position.

When I look at him, though, I think “That’s William Regal’s kid” and I don’t see anything wrong with that. He doesn’t need to be copying his father’s gimmicks, coming out to Real Man’s Man and whatnot, but why try to play coy with the audience? We’re smarter than that.

Curtis Axel was far better than Michael McGillicutty. You know who was even better? Joe Hennig.

Dempsey’s real name is Bailey Matthews. He’s wrestled as Joe Bailey before. His father, for a recap, has been William Regal and Lord Steven Regal, while his real name is Darren Matthews.

Here’s my proposal: Matthew Regal. It combines his real last name and his legacy surname. There are some other variations you could do that I don’t like as much, like Matthew/Bailey Stevens, Matthew/Bailey Williams, Steven Matthews, pull a Daniel Bryan Danielson with Matthew Bailey, and so on, but I like Matthew Regal much more.

Bron Breakker = Rex Steiner

Copy and paste pretty much everything about the Dempsey/Regal situation and apply it here with Bron Breakker.

I absolutely hate that name. I’ve hated it from the start, especially when Rex Steiner is RIGHT THERE.

Breakker with two K’s is the type of thing you’d see in some cheesy 90s video game character like a Duke Nukem or maybe in a fighting game. It looks and sounds ridiculous.

Bron is a lesser first name right now, too, since Braun Strowman’s return and the potential return of Bronson Reed. We don’t need Braun, Bron and Bronson.

WWE hasn’t tried in the slightest to act like Breakker isn’t Rick Steiner’s kid. Let him be Rex Steiner, which looks so much better on a marquee.

If you’re wondering how to get to that point, just have him take that name upon going to the main roster and cut a promo saying he wanted to accomplish something on his own without his family name. But now that he’s a two-time NXT champion and he’s on Raw/SmackDown, he’s finally comfortable being a true Steiner and will make the family proud by doing the name justice. Done.

Who would you like to see get renamed? What should their new name be? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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