WWE Superstars Who SHOULD Have Their Names Changed


Lately, WWE has been in another one of its fits where many Superstars have been forced to change their names. Some people received new gimmicks to go with this, while others were just written off as just “I’m ____ now.” Like everything, the new names have ranged from great to good to okay to disappointing to just utterly horrendous.

But we can assume WWE is not done with these shifts. More Superstars are going to get new names in the coming weeks and months, for better or worse.

That got me thinking about how there are some wrestlers on the roster that I’m actively hoping are renamed, rather than ones that I’m worried will be given a terrible new moniker. Maybe, just maybe, WWE can use this current trend for something good.

Here are my suggestions for WWE Superstars I’m personally holding out hope will be rechristened something else as soon as possible.

Pre-List Note #1: Superstars Who Are Off-Limits

Before even getting into my list, I have two things to preface this article with. The first is that there are people I won’t be including here because I assume they’re off-limits.

Yes, I hate the name Butch for Pete Dunne. I never liked the name WALTER, but GUNTHER isn’t any better. Raquel Rodriguez was such a pointless change and Kacy Catanzaro shouldn’t need to be Katana Chance (side note: I saw the suggestion on Twitter that she should be Katana Zaro, which would be so much better.)

However, WWE just changed these names. I don’t think I can justifiably put them down here as people I’d like to get a new name. There is only one example of that where I think there’s room to debate the possibility of a change, but I’m assuming Kay Lee Ray is going to stick with Alba Fyre and so on, so I won’t even dive into those.

Pre-List Note #2: The Real Name & Previous Trademark Fiasco

The second thing to preface is that this is a list of people I hope will get new names, rather than people I think will be renamed. My personal picks aren’t the same as predictions.

Since WWE is so focused on removing the real names from its Superstars, I fully expect to see Humberto get a new name (as his real name is Humberto Carrillo). The same goes for Tyler Bate, Mansoor and anyone else using a first or last name that coincides with what’s on their birth certificate (or close to it, a la Chris if you’re Christopher).

I’d imagine that will apply to someone like Io Shirai, too. That’s not her real name (Masami Odate) but she’s used it in other companies prior to NXT, so WWE will likely force her to rebrand.

Again, this list is about people I want to see get a new name, rather than who I’m predicting will. Keep that in mind.


The one and only exception I have to the “they just changed their name” examples on this list is Theory. Primarily, the reason why is because he’s in a completely different position than the rest.

There’s nothing to spark Raquel Rodriguez going back to Raquel Gonzalez, but Theory just won the United States Championship. His name being just Theory is absolutely ridiculous. Sooner or later, they’re going to realize that. Vince McMahon will be sitting in some meeting, someone will keep saying Theory’s name and it’ll click in his head that it’s absurd. We’ll hear some story about how he said “Goddamn, pal. Why don’t we just call him Austin Theory?” and it will revert in the same way Apollo Crews and Mustafa Ali did.

Alternatively, he needs a different first name. I’ve seen “All Day Theory” put out there, but I absolutely despise that, so I came up with another solution that they can retroactively make canon.

Let’s have Vince McMahon in a segment say that the reason why he got rid of the Austin name is due to Stone Cold Steve Austin. He’s sick and tired of hearing about Austin this, Austin that, and how he humiliated him not only at WrestleMania 38, but over and over since 1997. So he took Theory’s first name away from him because he doesn’t want that albatross associated with him.

In turn, Theory can say that he wants to take on a new name to honor how he’s Vince McMahon’s protege. Preferably, something that will make Mr. McMahon proud of him.

You can’t really do Vince Theory or Kennedy Theory, or even Shane Theory (but that would be hilarious). But Vince’s father was Vincent James McMahon. His grandfather was Roderick James “Jess” McMahon. You could get away with James Theory, Jamie Theory (not my favorite by a long shot), Jess Theory or Roderick Theory. Hell, he can even name himself Victor Theory after Vince’s mother Victoria.

Or, you can go in any number of other directions. Maybe he has another first name he’d like to go with and you can just write it off as a simple name change. For argument’s sake, let’s just say he tells Mr. McMahon “Well, my middle name is Zack” and Vince says “Perfect. You’re Zack Theory now.” That’s more of a justification than Raul Mendoza just becoming Cruz Del Toro, at least.

The point remains that above all else, leaving him as just “Theory” is going to make it more difficult for him to ascend the hierarchy and become that next John Cena. People won’t be able to identify that someone with that name is a WWE Superstar. It’s as lame as naming him Guess or Question without even a gimmick to go along with it. You remember Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, but you don’t remember Who.

Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss

Immediately, Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss need to have new names. These names were bad enough as is, but they’re way past their expiration date.

After splitting, Madcap Moss in particular needs to drop the Madcap persona. That means both the name and the stupid suspenders. His character has flat out apologized for the way he acted, said he didn’t like being that type of person and that he has no allegiance to Corbin anymore. There isn’t any reason whatsoever why he’d keep that name.

That means no “I think I’ll keep that moniker” bullshit like with Doudrop. He should just go back to being Riddick Moss.

The same goes for Corbin. Even if you keep him as the douchebag with those awful outfits who is beaming with joy just to try to rile up the crowd—which I think is a mistake, as he can find a better way to get heat—the name Happy Corbin is absolutely lame. Just go back to being Baron Corbin. Hell, even just Corbin is better, though since they have the Baron Corbin trademark, there’s no reason not to give him his proper first name back.


Christopher James Dijak has had several name changes in WWE. Naturally, they didn’t want him to stay Chris Dijak for too long. He’s been Dijak, Donovan Dijak, Dominik Dijakovic and in 2020, turned into T-BAR.

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