WWE Survivor Series 2015 Predictions: Top Stars of the Night


Here we are the day before Survivor Series 2015, and we still don’t know at least 10 wrestlers who will be on the card. While it’s obvious the plans for this event went haywire after Seth Rollins was injured, it’s nonetheless amazing to think that so little attention has been given to the namesake of the event.

That being said, as much as it makes it incredibly more difficult to do, it’s time for another prediction of which stars will end up making the biggest impact on the show. The main factors going into this are whether or not someone will win, the importance of that win, the placement on the card, their performance quality and how much promotion and admiration they’ll be receiving on the episode of Monday Night Raw that follows the pay-per-view.


With those factors being considered and the current card scheduled that we know about, I’m imagining there will be three major bullet points and nothing else.

1) The New WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Unless something crazy happens, we are guaranteed to get one of the following people leaving the event with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Roman Reigns, Alberto Del Rio, Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens, or Sheamus if he chooses to cash in his Money in the Bank contract.

I have zero faith that Del Rio or Owens will make it to the finals, let alone with. They have their United States and Intercontinental Championships respectfully, so WWE probably won’t be doubling down on them with an extra belt.

I also don’t think Sheamus will be cashing in, as that will take too much focus away from the babyface who wins the belt and immediately loses it. That’s definitely an option if WWE wants to make Sheamus a major player going into WrestleMania, but I’m putting more faith into him wrestling in the elimination match than anything else.

Between Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, I just can’t shake the feeling that Ambrose is turning heel and winning the title. Obviously, there’s a chance Reigns turns and wins it, or even that nobody turns heel and either one of them simply leaves as the new babyface champion, which would be a change of pace after watching a heel hold the belt since SummerSlam 2014. Ambrose is the one most in need of a boost to his career after being ignored for the past few months, and if he were to not only win the big one but also turn on his Shield brethren, it would drastically improve his position on the hierarchy going forward. Without a doubt, that would be the biggest story coming out of the event and he would be granted the most amount of screen time out of everybody over the next few months, but especially on Monday Night Raw.

2) The Brothers of Destruction

This event is being advertised primarily as the 25th anniversary of The Undertaker, so it’s no surprise that he’s wrestling on one of the most heavily featured feuds of the show. Even though I would say that this is an underwhelming program and that WWE dropped the ball with not making this a 4-on-4 match, the underlying factor is that The Brothers of Destruction are the driving force who will get their revenge on The Wyatt Family.

What would it accomplish if The Wyatt Family wins? Unless this is a setup for WrestleMania, it would just be a disappointment. Yes, some will argue that Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman getting a victory over The Brothers of Destruction would help legitimize them, but I don’t think it would make as much of a difference as they do. Strowman is already an imposing guy and he’s no doubt going to be protected in this match, just as Undertaker wouldn’t be the one to take the fall if his team loses. Does a pin over Kane really matter? For that matter, does a defeat handed to them by The Brothers of Destruction really hurt The Wyatt Family in any way? They’re Undertaker and Kane, for God’s sake! If this were 4-on-2, it would be a different story, but as it stands right now, I’d bet the house on The Phenom and The Devil’s Favorite Demon taking the victory.

3) The Sole Survivor

As mentioned above, without knowing a single competitor in this match, it’s hard to guess who the standout performers will be. However, I think the way Cesaro has been treated the past few weeks is a good enough sign to pinpoint him as the one with the highest chances to be booked as a sole survivor, if that happens. We may get a scenario where Cesaro is joined by a teammate like Neville or Ryback. As big of a fan of The New Day as I am, it doesn’t make much sense to me for all three of them end up the focus of this match, as they have their tag team titles. The same applies to The Usos, who are the rightful contenders to those belts and will get plenty enough spotlight heading into TLC. All of the midcard heels that could end up in this match don’t seem like they have a lot of momentum right now in comparison to Cesaro, nor do any babyfaces except for possibly Kalisto. Between the Swiss Superman and the Lucha Dragon, though, I wouldn’t put much stock in Kalisto being the one to leave Survivor Series with a renewed and strengthened push.

Those are my predictions, but what do you think WWE has in store? Do you expect some other people to win those respective matches? Is it wrong of me to assume that neither the Charlotte vs Paige or Dolph Ziggler vs Tyler Breeze matches will be considered a priority?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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