WWE Survivor Series 2017 3-Count Reaction and Post-Show Recap Review


With WWE Survivor Series 2017 concluded, it’s time for another 3-Count reaction and Smack Talk Pay-Per-Viewpoint post-show podcast review!

As always, click the video at the bottom of this post to check out the podcast breakdown of everything on the show, but before we get into that, I want to focus on three things that standout from my mind in regards to SURVIVOR SERIES 2017.

I liked so much of this event that my original intention of doing a breakdown of one good, okay and bad thing had to be thrown out, as there weren’t enough options that I didn’t enjoy—a welcome rarity.

Instead, let’s shift our attention to a different kind of list, examining the three stories coming out of this event that I’m the most excited to see followed up on tomorrow night on Raw and Tuesday night on SmackDown, as the brand warfare is over, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be repercussions from Survivor Series.

Kurt Angle vs. Triple H

Easily the biggest story coming out of this event was the betrayal from Triple H, hitting Kurt Angle with a Pedigree to purposely get him eliminated from Team Raw.

What was intriguing about this was how it wasn’t a heel turn, since The Game was already a heel going into it and the two were butting heads from the start, nor was it a ruse where he was working for SmackDown.

Instead, he simply wanted to stick it to Angle and figured that he and Strowman had the match won already—which, they did—so to prove a point, he nailed the general manager in the gut, got him eliminated for a laugh and a statement, and then promptly finished off his brother-in-law.

Obviously, this isn’t going to sit well with Angle, and even though there’s a chance we may see a bit of tension with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, we know she’ll be standing by her husband just as much as Jason Jordan will be standing by his father.

Is this a sign that come Raw, we’ll see Triple H and Stephanie flat out fire Angle from his position, or is there just going to be a promo about how they wanted to prove a point?

How is Jason Jordan going to handle this? He’s probably going to be a sacrificial lamb, but what if he starts a brawl with Triple H before/during/after that promo?

For that matter, what if Angle himself isn’t willing to take this in stride? He could either join in on a brawl or possibly even quit from his job (assuming he isn’t fired).

You’d have to guess that this is setting up a match between Angle and Triple H for WrestleMania, but that is still many months away, so they can’t go straight to announcing something like that and need to find ways to stretch it out.

I’m very interested to see if there are any unexpected directions they go on the path to that WrestleMania match, and it should all kickstart on Raw.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn vs. Shane McMahon (vs. Daniel Bryan?)

The continuation of the feud between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon has roped Sami Zayn onto KO’s side with the results of Hell in a Cell, and now that those two interfered to attack McMahon during the elimination match, this feud is certainly not done with.

There needs to be some kind of a prompt response from McMahon to address these two and their actions, but what is that going to be? We’ve already seen McMahon vs. Owens and he can’t wrestle them in a handicap match without it seeming weird, so either we have two people fight on behalf of Shane, or he finds a tag team partner.

In both scenarios, who are those people?

I can’t see any duo or pairing on the SmackDown roster making a lot of sense for people who would stand up for Shane so much that they’d enter a feud with Owens and Zayn specifically, but I also can’t picture one single person teaming up with him, either, save for possibly Daniel Bryan.

That in itself opens up another whole discussion, because we know Bryan teased wanting to have some words with Shane over disagreeing with the #undersiege attack, which you would think would be more of an argumentative thing, rather than the impetus for the two to team up.

Also, the elephant in the room: that would mean Bryan would be cleared to compete in the ring, which would be HUGE for WWE, and something that most fans are very eager to see.

I don’t feel like that’s too likely, but then again, if you were to anticipate who WWE would replace Roman Reigns with at TLC, would you have guessed Kurt Angle instead of Finn Balor or anybody else?

With the way things have been booked lately, it seems like anything can happen, and since we didn’t get to see Daniel Bryan against Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens—but we know they all have history together—perhaps this could actually be in the works.

Even if it isn’t, I’m still curious what the response will be, so I’m roped in no matter what.

Resetting or Renewing the Feuds

Since this event mostly consisted of matches that weren’t piggybacking off TLC and Hell in a Cell, enough time has passed by that several different feuds can be dropped and we can move on to other things.

Some of those might not necessarily stop, with Finn Balor and Samoa Joe being one I can definitely imagine will continue, along with Braun Strowman and Kane clashing once more (despite how The Big Red Machine didn’t interfere like I had anticipated).

Also, it can be assumed that Jinder Mahal and AJ Styles will pick up where they left off, but what about everybody else?

Who is next in line to challenge Baron Corbin for the United States Championship? Who will be paired up with The Miz?

Will Natalya get a rematch against Charlotte Flair at Starrcade or at Clash of Champions? Are we going to see Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins try to get their rematch with The Bar sooner or will they just wait until the Royal Rumble for that, and will new champions be crowned whenever they do fight them?

Brock Lesnar’s next opponent is probably going to be Finn Balor at the Royal Rumble, so there’s time to set that up, but what about Alexa Bliss? You would think Asuka would be the frontrunner, yet that might be jumping the gun.

Even someone like Roman Reigns has no definitive opponent forecast right now, and with Raw not having a pay-per-view this month, these next few weeks might be a time of random matches that are all over the place as WWE tries to wrap up some storylines while not dedicating too much time to others, in order to have more leeway heading into the Royal Rumble in January.

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