WWE TLC 2017 3-Count Reaction and Post-Show Recap Review


With WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2017 concluded, it’s time for another 3-Count reaction and Smack Talk Pay-Per-Viewpoint post-show podcast review!

As always, click the video at the bottom of this post to check out the podcast breakdown of everything on the show, but before we get into that, I want to focus on three things that standout from my mind in regards to TLC 2017.

For this edition, I don’t really have much of a theme to base the list around. Instead, these are just three random thoughts I had as a reaction to the overall events which transpired.

Poor Cruiserweight Division

Although there wasn’t anything horrific, this wasn’t a really good night for the 205 Live crew.

Originally, three segments were to be dedicated to the cruiserweight division in some capacity, but things kicked off with Drew Gulak’s PowerPoint presentation being cut from the lineup.

I may be in the minority, but I think those promos are hilarious and I was really looking forward to seeing Gulak get a chance to shine on a bigger platform, so that was a disappointment for sure.

Later, the tag team match between Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann against The Brian Kendrick and Gentleman Jack Gallagher felt like it didn’t belong, and even though I knew exactly what was going on with this feud, I was the only person in my circle who not only knew the storyline, but even had an inclination of who these guys were.

The crowd didn’t seem to really follow along much, either, and I ended up just feeling bad for them when it’s clear that the division is being treated somewhat as a bathroom break on Monday nights and then nobody is tuning into 205 Live.

Enzo Amore brings more attention to things, but even that was a struggle as he had lost his voice and his match wasn’t anything to write home about, meaning the third and final segment for this division, which just happened to revolve around the figureheads, essentially, felt like that, too, was something you could skip over.

Elias Works

I liked Elias pretty much right off the bat in NXT, as I found the whole drifter musician thing to be kind of funny, particularly after he started to just rundown every town he was in.

Once he played up the El Vagabundo character, I was sold that I enjoyed his act and that he just needed to improve more in the ring for me to really get behind him deserving a push.

Thankfully, since moving up to the Raw roster, he hasn’t been overly pushed and forced to sink or swim, which I feel is extremely beneficial for his future, since he won’t find himself failing to meet expectations he’s not given the proper tools to achieve.

For a relatively new character, Elias consistently gets the crowd quite involved in his musical performances, and tonight was one of the best examples of how this whole idea simply works.

Jason Jordan has his detractors and despite that, he was still able to get a babyface pop by interrupting Elias, who had some of the best heel heat of the entire night, even though the fans could have easily crapped all over this out of frustration seeing three separate segments dedicated to the storyline.

What could have been yawns and chants for CM Punk ended up giving a boost to both Elias and Jordan which will hopefully carry on into Raw tomorrow night.

The Future of Kurt Angle Opens Up Major Possibilities

Ever since Angle rejoined WWE, there’s been speculation that he could come back to the squared circle and perform, but there was never any confirmation of the such.

In fact, the longer things went on without any build or tease, the more it seemed likely that he wasn’t cleared to compete and that he might not step in the ring any time soon, if ever.

With Angle wrestling here, all that doubt goes out the window and we can now start running rampant with our theories on the future of Angle and what this means for not just himself in the immediate space, but many months from now and many other wrestlers, too.

If Angle was cleared, does this mean there’s a chance Daniel Bryan is able to come back as well? If Angle was able to compete here, does that mean there are plans for him to wrestle at Survivor Series or WrestleMania? If so, who are the potential opponents WWE has lined up for the Hall of Famer?

My gut reaction is telling me that we’ll get Triple H vs. Kurt Angle at WrestleMania, and that wasn’t something I was entertaining all that much until the announcement that he would take Roman Reigns’ place. That opens up so many doors and it will be very interesting to watch how Raw unfolds over the next few months to see if there’s any teasing which indicates what plans WWE might have in store for New Orleans.

For more opinions on the show as a whole, check out the latest edition of the Smark Out Moment wrestling podcast SMACK TALK as the panel reviews Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2017 with our immediate reactions following the event before the dust has fully settled.

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