WWE TLC 2017 PPV Card Predictions for Match Lineup


After every pay-per-view, WWE recalibrates and starts to immediately build to the next event. Following No Mercy 2017, the next Raw-branded event will be Hell in a Cell 2017 set for October 8th at the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan.

Per usual at the end of an event, I like to try to give my extended projections for which matches I think we’ll be getting on the next card, what makes the most sense, what missteps WWE may take and so forth before it’s all been fully fleshed out and announced while also recapping what we do know for sure is being set up.

This also allows everyone else to leave their comments below to sound off on which directions they think WWE will go so we can trace back to this point and say we were right all along, or that we wish they would have done something different, so on and so forth.

So what do I see in my crystal ball for TLC 2017? Well…admittedly…not too much. It seems like this is going to be a card that they really stretch to try to fill up, so keep that in mind.




TLC Match: The Shield vs. The Miztourage

There needs to be some kind of TLC match on this card, which totally shouldn’t exist to begin with, but that’s another discussion I’ve already rambled about for years.

Clearly, at some point, The Shield are going to have a reunion, and with the tease on MizTV about these two teams colliding, it seems like there’s no better time than the present—at least as far as when to guess it will happen, whether or not that’s the match you want to see.

The question, though, is whether this will be a TLC match with the two teams or if they will split up the feud to be two separate matches, since the card is already looking really thin with several injuries getting in the way.

Obviously, if we don’t have a singular TLC match, then we’ll get The Miz defending the Intercontinental Championship against Roman Reigns while The Miztourage challenge Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins for the Raw Tag Team Championship.

If that’s the case, then I can see the Miz vs. Reigns match having the TLC stipulation and going on as the main event, where The Miztourage will have already lost their match against Ambrose/Rollins earlier in the night, and all six men will get involved due to the No Disqualification scenario. That way, it gives us The Shield without really giving us The Shield, and they can do that match on a subsequent episode of Monday Night Raw to get people to tune in to that.

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Enzo Amore (c) vs. Neville

The simplest option for WWE to do is to have Neville get his rematch, although there’s always a chance this could play out on 205 Live and a new No. 1 contender can be established before TLC.

If that happens, then I would have to assume Gentleman Jack Gallagher is the next in line to get a title shot, since I can’t imagine WWE would put the belt on Enzo just to take it off and put it on Neville again after just doing that with Akira Tozawa, nor do I think the company wants to put a babyface like Cedric Alexander up against Enzo quite yet.

Raw Women’s Championship Match: Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Asuka or Mickie James

Again, this is more of a question of how many matches WWE can get on the card and whether or not they’re going to feel as though they need to go with other options just to spread things out.

Mickie James just started a feud with Alexa Bliss, but I get the distinct feeling that this isn’t something they actually want to last until TLC. This feels more like filler, since Mickie hasn’t been doing much of anything since moving over to Raw.

We know Asuka is going to make her Raw debut at TLC, so she’s going to have a match regardless of who her opponent is, but with the record she has, she can easily go straight to challenging for the title—and winning it, of course.

However, if WWE feels it’s better to do Bliss vs. James, then we’ll get the following match as well…

Asuka vs. Emma

I can wholeheartedly see Emma being sacrificed to Asuka not just to spread out the card a bit, but also to give Asuka a welcoming where she isn’t winning the title just yet.

Nia Jax vs. Asuka is something that has to be done further down the line, along with a rematch against Bayley and the first Sasha Banks vs. Asuka match, so this leaves Emma as the best candidate to get her ass handed to her for Asuka’s welcoming party.

Finn Balor vs. Goldust vs. Bray Wyatt

Well, I was originally thinking we’d see Braun Strowman against Bray Wyatt, but now that this feud between these three is continuing, they might as well make it a triple threat.

I’m not as confident in this prediction as I would be in WWE just copping out and having it be Balor vs. Wyatt in another singles match, but since I was tired of that feud before even SummerSlam was fully done, I’m sincerely hoping we get Goldust in the mix in some fashion just to help spice things up.

There’s a chance that the situation between Reigns/Miz and the accompanying partners there will remain normal matches, while a singles match between Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor will be where the TLC stipulation comes into play, but what would they be trying to climb the ladder to retrieve? That little fact is why I doubt that this will have the stipulation—unless WWE twists the rules and allows pinfalls and submissions, in which case, it’s just a generic No Disqualification match.

Universal Championship Match

Hahahahahahahahahaha no, I’m kidding, this isn’t happening.

Braun Strowman vs. Jason Jordan

There’s no way Strowman takes this event off, but I don’t think WWE has a clue what they want to do with him yet at this point.

If Samoa Joe is able to return in time, maybe those two will collide just to give the fans something to look forward to, but there really aren’t many options for challengers against Strowman.

I don’t have a lot of hope that that’s going to happen, though. Instead, I think we’ll see Jason Jordan try to prove himself by facing Strowman, or the two will come to blows when Strowman demands competition and seeks out Kurt Angle, threatening him until Jordan comes to the rescue.

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