WWE TLC 2020 Preview: Full Card, Match Predictions & More


Notable Superstars Missing from the Card

Note: This is not a full list of everyone on the roster who is not scheduled for the show. It excludes jobbers, injured talent, people who wouldn’t have normally been expected to appear on the show for some fashion, those who are unable to perform due to travel restrictions and so on. It also should be noted that much of the information regarding COVID-19 pandemic regulations and precautions is not public knowledge, so there’s no telling if anyone on this list or elsewhere is not going to be on the card due to those factors.

Bobby Lashley / Matt Riddle = I was expecting this match to get added to the card. Strangely, it didn’t get announced on Monday Night Raw. That doesn’t mean it’s not going to be added before the show starts or anything. It’s still a possibility. But for now, it’s a no-go.

Elias = After finishing his feud with Jeff Hardy, WWE hasn’t given Elias something new to work on. No big loss as far as I’m concerned. Rushing something wouldn’t have been better than just keeping him off the card.

Jeff Hardy = The Charismatic Enigma is in the same boat as Elias. I’m assuming he may not even start a new program until after the new year, but he could also just wrestle random stuff in the meantime.

John Morrison and The Miz = As The Miz still has the Money in the Bank contract, he is an ever-looming threat. I don’t anticipate him necessarily cashing in, but he definitely could, given how involved he’s been with Drew McIntyre and AJ Styles. With this being a TLC match, it opens up more than enough of an opportunity to capitalize.

Keith Lee / Sheamus = Keith Lee has been suspicious of Sheamus. He keeps calling him out that The Celtic Warrior will turn on McIntyre. However, so far, Sheamus has held true to his word. Sheamus has just been fighting alongside the WWE champion while Lee is also in a bit of a holding pattern. Maybe they end up doing something down the line? I don’t expect as much here. However, if The Miz and John Morrison get involved, along with Omos, perhaps these two make a run-in to help McIntyre.

RETRIBUTION = This group sucks and they keep losing. They don’t deserve a spot on the card if they have nothing propelling them toward a No. 1 contender’s position or anything. Having Ricochet/Dana Brooke beat Slapjack/Reckoning again wouldn’t do a damn thing for this card. That’s a Raw feud.

Big E / Daniel Bryan / Sami Zayn = Sami Zayn’s won several matches recently by count-out. His two biggest rivalries right now are Big E and Daniel Bryan, both of whom could still be in line for an Intercontinental Championship match in the future, despite their losses. I’m starting to get a suspicion WWE thinks TLC is already packed enough (with the TLC matches) and that there’s no need to add this to the pay-per-view. Rather, I think we might see the title change hands on SmackDown, possibly on the Christmas episode.

Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode / The Street Profits = Normally, it would be weird the tag titles aren’t on the line. However, that’s taken care of with SmackDown this week, instead.

Lars Sullivan = This dude sure did disappear, didn’t he? But to where? And why? I’m not saying I’m clamoring for his return to do anything in particular. It’s just weird.

Otis = The Blue Collar Brawler has fallen far in a little bit of time, hasn’t he? A few months back, he was Vince McMahon’s go-to pet project. Now, he’s teaming up with Chad Gable and losing to Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura. It’s not a good sign for Otis as far as gaining momentum back.

The Mysterio Family / King Corbin and the Knights of the Lone Wolf = Anyone else been as checked out about everything the Mysterios have been doing as I am? I could not care less about Murphy having yet another match with Corbin. I do think making Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake the new lackeys for Corbin is a good move, though. It just doesn’t have any value being added to this card.

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