WWE Top 10 Moments 2014.


#No.10- The Usos capture The Tag Team Titles.

#No.9- Cesaro power lifts The Big Show over the top rope and wins the first ever ATGMBR.

#No.8- Paige wins the WWE Divas Championship in her debut match.

#No.7- Roman Reigns eliminates 12 men in a single Royal Rumble.

#No.6- Daniel Bryan vs Triple H at Wrestlemania 30.

#No.5- The Shield vs The Wyatt’s at the Elimination Chamber PPV.

#No.4- Evolution reform after a 10year hiatus.

#No.3- Daniel Bryan finally wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

#No.2- CM Punk walks out on the WWE.

#No.1- The Undertakers Streak is broken by Brock Lesnar (21-1).

What do you think of my top 10 moments thus far this year in the WWE? Leave opinions, suggestions and ideas.

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