WWE Top 20 Out Of The Box Dream Matches, Part 1:


No.20- The Uso’s Vs. The Hardy Boyz- Both sets of brothers have dominated the tag team ranks at separate times in the company but as The Uso’s entered the door to the main roster the Hardy Boyz left and departed leaving an awesome set of match ups as just imaginary play outs in the mind.

No.19- Sami Zayn Vs. Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart- This would be an amazing role model Vs. admire match up with complete excellence executed through out, with insane spots, moves and thrilling moments to entertain the crowd and the audience. If only both could of been born and from the same generation of wrestlers. 


No.18- Lita Vs. Paige- These ladies are both versions of the anti-diva, with completely unique looks and quirky move sets and personas. These two would bring an unusual, rarely seen female match to the table. Both are the anti-diva but from different eras which is a shame because what an a** whipping match this would be. 

No.17- Mick Foley Vs. Sheamus- Foley would bring the extreme style to the fight whilst The Celtic Warrior would bring the hard hitting brawler style to create an incredibly brutal, intense show down. The Irish hard man Vs. the crazy nut job with a multiple personality disorder would be intriguing and interesting to say the least. 

No.16- Bray Wyatt Vs. Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts- What creepy characters these men are. Both tend to cut brilliant promos, have the in ring psychology and story telling on point and together would for definite put on a phenomenal, horrifyingly weird match. 

No.15- Kurt Angle Vs. Rusev- The Olympic Gold medalist would bring technical wrestling to the match up whilst the Anti-American, Russian representative would bring a range of power moves and flexible moves to create an awesome combo. This patriotic match would receive real heat and media attention purely on the basis of powerful leading countries being represented and one having to be embarrassingly defeated. 

No.14- Eddie Guerrero Vs. Seth Rollins- The question is, who would lie, cheat and steal better during this match up? Both mens characters are completely crafty and would scope to any leave as long as the night ends with a win on there resume. Both are tremendously talented in the ring and are highly skilful performers and with each man both trying to one up the other, excellence will be displayed. 

No.13- CM Punk Vs. The Ultimate Warrior- Both of these men were always high up on the card and were always highly respected but never were they the face, the number 1. This match would bring a ton of charisma and jealousy and would really be a spectacular to see play out. 

No.12- Randy Orton Vs. Randy Savage- Always overshadowed by another superstar wether that be there tag team partner or there worse nemesis. This match could easily be built on spite and bitter feelings purely because of the same way both the men must feel about never being the top dog but rather the elevator who creates the main man. 

No.11- Sgt Slaughter Vs Rusev- The must patriotic war hero Vs. the most disrespectful, arrogant monster of a man in a match based on pride and respect. These two could create real animosity and could easily blow the roof of the house with great storytelling and emotional involvement. The respected hero Vs. The villainous monster.

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