​WWE Tough Enough Alumni Gabi Castrovinci Responds To Reports On Why WWE Didn’t Sign Her, & More


WWE Tough Enough alumni Gabi Castrovinci has called out a report from the Wrestling Obverver that she has not been signed by WWE due to something “very troubling” in her past. The report came out on Wednesday, initially identifying the female contestant who was red flagged due to the issue as GiGi Piscina, but after Piscina denied it a correction was issued to say it was Castrovinci. The issue was described as “really big” and “like hands off, pretend she was never here.” There are some reports via Reddit that it involves being an escort of some sorts but we can’t confirm those rumors as of this writing.

Castrovinci took to Twitter to defend herself, accusing the site of defamation of character and “discrimination.” You can see her post below:

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