WWE Tough Enough First Impressions and Predictions


Gun to my head, I’m predicting the winners will be ZZ and Amanda, as they fit the mold of stereotypical voting patterns from American reality TV audiences. If the wrestling crowd dominates things more, it could be a different story with either Tanner or Patrick standing alongside Daria, but that remains to be seen.

All in all, this was far from a strong showing for a first episode. There was an aftertaste in my mouth of network producer intrusion that I think taints what is going on and hinders it from being a much better program. If this were handled by the folks running the WWE Network, I think a much better show would be presented to us. Hopefully, things change with the second episode onward, but if it doesn’t, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this be another flop of a season that doesn’t get renewed, nor produces someone who can actually be a legitimate WWE superstar.

What are your opinions on this new season of Tough Enough? Which competitors are you rooting for and why?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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