WWE Triple Crown Champions & Grand Slam Champions Tracker (After WrestleMania 39)


Over the past few weeks, three WWE Superstars became Triple Crown Champions or Grand Slam Champions. Becky Lynch winning the Women’s Tag Team Championship crossed the Triple Crown off her list. Kevin Owens became Grand Slam Champion with his tag team title reign. And above all, Rhea Ripley became the only Grand Slam Champion to win the NXT UK, NXT, Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championship (and the tag titles prior).

Sadly, Sheamus did not make good on his attempt to win the Intercontinental Championship to fulfill that destiny, nor did Ronda Rousey win the tag team titles to become a Triple Crown champion.


But there are actually more than just those two who are just a step or two away from becoming Triple Crown and/or Grand Slam champion. What better time to break that down than now?

Let’s take a look at some of the WWE Superstars on the cusp of becoming Triple Crown or Grand Slam champions, what they still need to accomplish to get that done, and whether or not it seems possible.

Oddball Notes and Strange / Arbitrary Rules

First things first, let’s clarify a couple strange things regarding WWE’s current rulings for Triple Crown and Grand Slam champions.

  1. For some reason, WWE does not constitute the United States Championship an equal equivalent of the Intercontinental Championship. Therefore, if someone has won the WWE or Universal Championship, the Raw/SmackDown/Unified Tag Team Championship, and the United States title, but not the intercontinental, they are not true Triple Crown champions. That’s absurd to me.
  2. Likewise, if someone has only won the Universal Championship, but not the WWE Championship, they’re seemingly still not considered a Grand Slam champion.
  3. The World Heavyweight Championship that was around before the Universal Championship does not count anymore in the same lineage.
  4. WWE plays around with subdivisions or alterations of Triple Crown designations when referring to NXT. If a Superstar has won the Raw, SmackDown and NXT Women’s Championships, they’re a Triple Crown winner, but they could also just win the Tag Team Championship instead of the NXT Championship. However, you must win both the Raw and SmackDown women’s titles. Also, NXT UK doesn’t count. But with Ripley, it counts for a sort of “Ultimate Grand Slam Champion”—but that doesn’t really apply to either the main roster or NXT women’s tag team titles, which should theoretically be required for an ultimate design.
  5. Winning the Raw, SmackDown and NXT tag team titles makes you a Triple Crown Tag Team Champion.
  6. But you get no recognition at this point if you’ve won the WWE Championship, Universal Championship and NXT Championship. Also, the North American Championship isn’t factored into the main roster Triple Crown or Grand Slam Championship, nor is the NXT Tag Team Championship an alternative to Raw/SmackDown.
  7. However, if you win the NXT title, North American title and NXT tag team titles, you are a Triple Crown winner…in NXT.
  8. The 24/7 Championship was never recognized as a worthwhile fourth title to substitute if you had missed out on the Intercontinental or United States Championship, like the Hardcore and European titles once were. That isn’t surprising, though.

I’m not counting people going down to NXT to win those titles. Technically, for instance, if The Usos were to win the NXT Tag Team Championship, they’d become triple crown tag team champions like The New Day, The Revival and The Street Profits. But not only is that not a priority, it also isn’t quite the Triple Crown or Grand Slam anyone imagines, nor is it ever likely (despite Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods doing just that earlier this year alone).

(Technicality) Braun Strowman Needs United States & WWE Championship for Triple Crown & Grand Slam Status

The Monster of All Monsters is in a weird situation due to WWE’s odd stance on the Intercontinental and Universal Championships.

As a former universal, intercontinental and Raw tag team champion, Strowman should, for all intents and purposes, be a Triple Crown winner. But since WWE only recognizes the WWE Championship and NOT the Universal Championship for the Triple Crown (why??), he’s not.

Strangely, though, if Strowman were to win the United States Championship, he would then become Grand Slam Champion, still without becoming Triple Crown Champion. That is because the Universal Championship counts in Grand Slam rules.

How in the world does this make sense?

Prediction on likelihood this will happen = I could see the United States title coming his way, but probably not the WWE Championship anymore.

(Technicality) Dolph Ziggler Should Already Be Grand Slam & Triple Crown Champion

Dolph Ziggler held the World Heavyweight Championship twice, but since that was the former setup before the Universal Championship, and he hadn’t won a tag title, US and IC title all within that time frame, he is stuck in limbo.

He did eventually win all of those, though. He just happened to win them over the span of the Universal Championship being created, and hasn’t won everything a second time since.

For all intents and purposes, he is a Grand Slam champion. But unless WWE is willing to do the reasonable and logical thing and say the setup is “1 of our 3 main roster world titles, the IC or US title, and a main roster tag team title” means the Triple Crown, and “1 of our 3 main roster world titles, both the IC and US titles, and a main roster tag team title” for the Grand Slam, he’s stuck in limbo.

Prediction on likelihood this will happen = I could imagine WWE just one day acting like he’s always been acknowledged as such, but they don’t care to do so unless it will serve a purpose like a Hall of Fame induction.

Big E Needs United States Championship for Grand Slam Champion Status

Big E crossed off the Triple Crown with his WWE Championship reign, having won the Intercontinental first and Tag Team later. That’s set in stone. But if he were to win the United States Championship, he’d finish it out as Grand Slam Champion.

Unfortunately, due to his injury, the prospect of him returning to the ring for even a single match may be too much to ask for, let alone for him to be in a position where WWE trusts his health to hold up enough for a championship reign—and, specifically, the United States title. Even if they had him win another tag team title, it still wouldn’t make a difference.

Prediction on likelihood this will happen = Slim to none. I wouldn’t bank on it, sadly.

Bobby Lashley Needs Tag Team Championship for Triple Crown & Grand Slam Status

Lashley’s WWE Championship win over The Miz was the biggest obstacle to overcome on this quest, but he’s still stuck without sealing the deal. Having won the Intercontinental and United States Championships before, he has all the singles gold checked off.

All he needs to do is partner up with someone and capture one of the tag team titles and he’ll simultaneously become Triple Crown and Grand Slam champion in one shot.

Prediction on likelihood this will happen = 75%. This arguably should have happened with The Hurt Business already. As his career winds down in the coming years, if I were on WWE Creative, I would certainly pitch giving him a partner and doing this at some point.

Drew McIntyre Needs United States Championship for Grand Slam Status

During his first run in WWE, McIntyre crossed off the Intercontinental and Tag Team Championships. Coming back, he eventually captured the WWE title at WrestleMania 36, becoming a Triple Crown champion in the proper sense. This makes him eligible for Grand Slam designation (unlike the Strowman nonsense).

But it all hinges on the United States Championship coming his way, which isn’t on the same brand he’s currently positioned. However, I think there is a strong chance this could be in his future. It is easier said than done, but he’s an active top of the card Superstar that may not necessarily get another world title reign. WWE has shown a willingness to give the midcard titles to guys like Seth Rollins before, so McIntyre is well within that grasp.

That is, if he signs a new contract and stays in WWE, of course.

Prediction on likelihood this will happen = 75%

Finn Balor Needs Tag Team Championship for Triple Crown & Grand Slam Status

This one surprised me when I was doing my research. I just assumed Balor had some sort of tag team title reign along the way. He’s been partnered up with so many people here and there, and has The Judgment Day now, but it’s never come his way.

This is definitely something I could picture going down. Much of it depends on whether WWE keeps the Raw and SmackDown titles unified (but with two sets of belts…stupid) or if they split them back up again, giving twice as many chances for teams to become champions.

If the latter happens, I think this jumps up to 90% likely Balor achieves this goal. As unified titles, though, this goes down to around 50%.

Prediction on likelihood this will happen = I’m expecting it, but not until later in 2023, if not 2024 or beyond.

John Cena Needs Intercontinental Championship for Triple Crown & Grand Slam Status

Cena has a long history with the United States Championship and the WWE Championship, and had crossed tag team titles off his list with Shawn Michaels, The Miz, David Otunga and Batista (odd teammates, right?). But even though he’s also won the World Heavyweight Championship, Royal Rumble, Money in the Bank, Slammy Award, etc…the Intercontinental Championship hasn’t been in his grasp.

If WWE were to do that reasonable thing and say the IC and US titles are interchangeable, he’s got Triple Crown covered. But he would still need the intercontinental title for Grand Slam.

This is something I don’t think is ever going to happen. He isn’t around anymore.

Prediction on likelihood this will happen = 0%

R-Truth Needs WWE / Universal Championship for Triple Crown & Grand Slam Status

Poor R-Truth is so close, yet so far. Becoming a WWE Superstar in and of itself is an amazing accomplishment, as well as having the longevity he’s had, on top of becoming tag team, intercontinental and United States champion.

But the biggest possible hurdle anyone faces is becoming world champion. At this point in his career, R-Truth doesn’t stand a chance. Even at his peak popularity, he only had one real shot at the title, and no one expected him to have a chance.

He’s a guaranteed Hall of Famer with many accolades and achievements to his name, but Triple Crown and Grand Slam is not going to be on that list.

Prediction on likelihood this will happen = 0%

Sami Zayn Needs WWE / Universal & United States Championship for Triple Crown & Grand Slam Status

Now that Zayn is a tag team champion, he has two hurdles to jump over. The world title is going to be the most difficult to capture, but as a few weeks ago proved, his time may not have entirely passed him by.

Once he were to win ideally the WWE Championship, he’d enter Triple Crown status and would only need the United States Championship left for Grand Slam.

Frankly, as much as I want it to happen, I think this might be asking a little too much to actually go down.

Prediction on likelihood this will happen = 30% for Triple Crown, 20% for Grand Slam

Sheamus Needs Intercontinental Championship for Grand Slam Champion Status

WWE is fully aware The Celtic Warrior needs that Intercontinental Championship to become Grand Slam Champion. That’s what his whole feud with Gunther has revolved around.

I thought it was going to happen at WrestleMania, to be honest. There’s still a chance it is still on the horizon.

Prediction on likelihood this will happen = 90%

Shelton Benjamin Needs WWE / Universal Championship for Triple Crown & Grand Slam Status

At one point, I was super behind The Gold Standard getting a main event push. But that was so many years ago that Shelton had left the company, come back, and gone through several stints of not being used.

Even at his peak in the past few years, which was in The Hurt Business, he wasn’t anywhere close to reaching WWE title level. That was Lashley’s spot, while Benjamin was alongside Cedric Alexander in the tag team field.

Prediction on likelihood this will happen = 0%

Shinsuke Nakamura Needs WWE / Universal Championship for Triple Crown & Grand Slam Status

Had Triple H remained in creative control, I would have thought Shinsuke Nakamura getting at least a 5 minute reign as WWE champion was a slim chance, but still at least possible.

Now that Vince McMahon has tightened his grip once more, it is absolutely, positively, never going to happen.

At this point, I don’t think we’re even going to see Nakamura back wrestling on the roster. But even if he does, Vince has shown many years of not considering Nakamura a worthwhile champion even while he was holding the gold.

Prediction on likelihood this will happen = 0%

Alexa Bliss Needs NXT Women’s Championship for (Triple Crown) & Grand Slam Status

Bliss quickly captured the SmackDown, Raw and tag team championships to become a Triple Crown winner in that fashion.

But if she were to go back down to NXT and win that women’s title, she’d simultaneously add a second form of Triple Crown to her list, and also become Grand Slam champion.

As far as predictions go, this is tough. If WWE ever felt like it would be neat to send her back down to NXT to be a big fish in a small pond, she could VERY easily win that title without question. Just look at Dolph Ziggler beating Bron Breakker and Mandy Rose having her title run.

But is that actually going to happen? Or is WWE just going to keep Bliss on the main roster for the rest of her career? I think the latter is more likely.

Prediction on likelihood this will happen = 10%

Bianca Belair Needs Tag Team Championship for Triple Crown Status

The EST of WWE has the Raw and SmackDown women’s titles to her name. She never won the NXT Championship, so the Grand Slam idea is out the window (probably for good; I don’t see WWE sending her down there). But if and when she gets a tag team partner and wins the main roster tag team titles, she’s Triple Crown champion.

This is going to happen. I can’t imagine WWE lets her go the rest of her career without putting her in that spotlight at some point—be it winning the belt along with someone she’s feuding with at the time, or just as taking a step back while others are in the main championship pictures.

Prediction on likelihood this will happen = Damn near guaranteed

Carmella Needs Raw Women’s Championship for Triple Crown

The SmackDown Women’s Championship was first for Carmella. Tag team titles came next with Zelina Vega. But can she win the Raw Women’s Championship for a Triple Crown?

As much as I love Carmella, I don’t think it is going to happen.

At 35, looking to have kids, and not being treated like a top-top star for the past few years, the time has likely come and gone.

For anyone thinking that’s all doom and gloom, her title wins are still amazing for her career lineage and worth being proud of. Not everyone can win a single title, let alone become Triple Crown winners.

Prediction on likelihood this will happen = 5%

Natalya Needs Raw Women’s Championship for Triple Crown

The Queen of Harts has been around long enough that you’d think she’s done everything, but her list of accolades isn’t actually all that long.

Sure, there are things like her match against Lacey Evans in Saudi Arabia, her Divas Championship reign, her SmackDown Women’s Championship reign and her tag team title reign with Tamina, but the Raw Women’s Championship is noticeably missing.

Technically, unless she wins that specific belt, she is not a Triple Crown winner. The Divas Championship doesn’t count as an equivalent. It arguably should, since that title eventually was retired by Charlotte Flair to become the Raw Women’s Championship, but the history doesn’t carry over in the same way.

Since Nattie has long been put in a spot of fighting for a title only as a challenger who comes up short, after 15 years on the roster, I think we can call this almost a guarantee it won’t happen.

Prediction on likelihood this will happen = 5%

Ronda Rousey Needs Tag Team Championship for Triple Crown

Raise your hand if you thought Rousey and Shayna Baszler were going to win these tag titles at WrestleMania and make this a reality. Me too.

I still think it is going to happen. I’d go so far as to bet WWE had plans for that depending entirely on whether or not their injuries would allow them to wrestle. If they were able to do more than one or two basic moves, they likely would have had the titles involved in that showcase match and walked out champions.

The way I see it, Becky Lynch and Lita will retain over Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez as a stall to allow Rousey and Baszler to heal up. Those two will get a title shot in the coming weeks, capture the titles, and Rousey will be a Triple Crown champion by the summer.

Prediction on likelihood this will happen = 90%

Who do you think will be the next WWE Superstar to cross this off their list? Drop your predictions in the comments below!

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