WWE Turning The Fans Against Each Other


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“WWE fans turning on each other”

Well I certainly hope you’re happy with yourself. You’ve actually done it, you turned wrestling fans against each other out of sheer frustrations over you VINCE. Years ago there was a small rebellion in the internet community that started screaming for change in the wrestling world. If you’re new to all this, believe it or not, those fans were met with resistance against brainwashed ass tards who hung on every word out of Cena’s mouth back then. I remember the days well, you’d post a comment saying how you were so sick of Cena, and it was like an army of pacifiers charging towards you screaming, biting, fucking you up for attacking their savior. Well today I’m happy to say we have officially exiled those people from the internet wrestling community, but now it appears the rebellion has turned the gun on each other.

Maybe everyone is sick of throwing sticks and stones at WWE’s tanks and never getting a response, or maybe we’re all just bored. One way or another it’s everywhere, read the blogs, the editorials, the comment sections under news stories. People are fighting over what’s wrong, is it the PG rating, is it creative, is it the talent, is it the McMahons? And you know I get it, everyone who is still here sticking around after all this time, we’re fried and irritable as well we should be. I mean despite the best efforts of fans screaming from the rafters, we’re getting John Cena Vs. Randy Orton at TLC. A match I’ve BEGGED for-for years now! The two title system was dead five years ago, but finally it’s gonna end, but they find a way to taint it (John Cena).

See this is where it gets the worst, fans are going to start conjuring ideas about this main event, the possibilities, what’s gonna happen, who will win, what will be the twist. Let me tell you mine for example, you know what would save this match for me? John Cena taking a full blown heel turn and citing all the assholes who have booed him for the last decade as why he doesn’t care anymore. It’s believable, it’s different, and most importantly it kills the Cena product and I might be interested in his feuds after that, but I’m a realist people, it won’t happen. Instead we’ll get either Cena standing on top of a mountain with your girlfriend holding the belts up after indefeasible odds. Or Randy returning to the good graces of The Authority and a screw job to finish. These are your only two realistic options for a finish, it’s either that or both guys grab a belt and uh oh, controversy.

So my point is that you have all these people building these ideas about how this match could go and finish and they’re getting kind of excited, finding light at the end of the tunnel, but you won’t give it to them. So when the crowd is raining down boos at the end of the PPV and your team of experts gets online Monday morning to read what the “internet geeks” had to say about the PPV, make sure you guys tell them the “internet geeks” said fuck you, and told you so. It’s everything people, the PG rating, the talent, the writers, everything, it’s all garbage.

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Speacial Note: I can’t help but notice the full fledge, undeniable, plagiarizing of my words by other “editorialists” from around the web. Get off my jock dude, find your own truth. I read the editorials of about twenty five other guys and I see what you do. Stop trashing WWE’s creative then stealing from other men’s writings ya low life deuche bags, you know who you are, Next time I’m calling you out by name.

+Michael Pellerito

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