WWE Worlds Collide: Cruiserweights Collide Live Results and Reactions Review


Welcome to the live ongoing results page for the second of four WWE Worlds Collide specials! This edition is themed as “Cruiserweights Collide” and will feature competitors in the cruiserweight division between the different brands.

This post will be a combination of a live review of my reactions of the matches as well as the overall results for those who haven’t checked the spoilers from WrestleMania Axxess.

Everything is set to air at 9pm EST on the WWE Network, so stay tuned for live coverage and keep refreshing for updates!

The Brian Kendrick vs. Tyler Bate

  • Oddly enough, I’m still not used to Kendrick without a beard, even though he spent more time clean-shaven.
  • I also think it’s strange they put two babyfaces against each other, but I guess it doesn’t really matter, as this is basically a bonus non-canon type show and there’s never been a rule that face/face or heel/heel matches are banned. It’s just strange to see that here and there.
  • Neat little touch to show a picture of a teenage Tyler Bate with Kendrick from 2013.
  • They’re definitely having fun and goofing around, which is a good change of pace.
  • Loved Kendrick blocking the fingerpoke, only to get poked in the other eye.
  • Also a big fan of Kendrick starting a “USA!” chant for the hell of it.
  • Nice front-flip kick from Bate!
  • Good match. I dig it.

RESULT: Tyler Bate wins by pinfall.

Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews vs. Ariya Daivari and Mike Kanellis

  • Glad to see Mark Andrews wasn’t injured too badly with that whole Noam Dar spot.
  • Mike Kanellis without Maria, but with Ariya Daivari, isn’t the same thing…but I applaud Daivari for posing along with him and going with it. Talk about tag team unity.
  • I LOVE IT. The fans chant for Kanellis, Daivari goes with it and tags him in, and Kanellis walks around and tags Daivari back in without doing anything. Perfect.
  • As far as I’m concerned, the match could end right after that, and I’d be okay with it.
  • Nice slide from Andrews. That was pretty neat.
  • “Beautiful spinebuster.” – I’d disagree there.
  • Good senton from Webster, though.
  • This was another good match, although not as good as the first, and not something I’d tell people they are totally missing out on.

RESULT: Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews win by pinfall.

Ligero vs. Gran Metalik vs. Albert Hardie Jr.

  • I don’t think I have ever seen an ACH / Albert Hardie Jr match, so this will be interesting. He seems like he has a lot of confidence, though, so that’s good.
  • Other than some loud chops, nothing is standing out to me so far.
  • I could have sworn Hardie was supposed to be a babyface. He’s certainly working heel in this match.
  • Yup, he’s a heel. “Are you not entertained? That’s not my problem, because I am.”
  • Interesting suicide dive that went on longer than I had anticipated.
  • Jeez…Ligero’s chest is so purple and marked up from those chops.
  • Great German suplex from Hardie on Ligero.
  • I have no complaints, even if I have no standout moments to really bow down to.

RESULT: Ligero wins by pinfall.

Akira Tozawa vs. Jordan Devlin

  • This crowd is dead, which is a shame, as Tozawa and Devlin are both good.
  • “Watch the kid” chant? Screw that. Suplex that kid.
  • For this being the main event, it actually has the least going on. I’m not feeling this.
  • Very underwhelmed.

RESULT: Jordan Devlin wins by pinfall.

Overall Thoughts

This was probably a better event than the previous episode, but I still feel like I can’t in any good conscience tell someone they need to see this or that they’re missing out on anything. All four matches were fine (with the last one being disappointing) and yet, entirely skippable. I’m glad they’re giving us more stuff and letting these guys shine a bit, but in the grand scheme of things, I’m not going to remember anything about this in a month.

What do you think about this special? Tell us your thoughts on Worlds Collide in the comments below!

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