WWE Worlds Collide: NXT vs. NXT Alumni Live Results and Reactions Review


Welcome to the live ongoing results page for the first of four WWE Worlds Collide specials! This edition is themed as “NXT vs. NXT Alumni” and will feature several matches pitting former NXT stars against the current regime.

This post will be a combination of a live review of my reactions of the matches as well as the overall results for those who haven’t checked the spoilers from WrestleMania Axxess.


Kassius Ohno vs. Aiden English

  • I forgot how horrible Aiden English’s theme was. Good lord.
  • It’s interesting to be able to hear the trash talk so clearly, with Ohno calling English a commentator.
  • It’s so empty…you can hear the mechanical hum of something like the air conditioning. That’s a shame. These matches at Axxess are a great addition to the mix and good bonus material, so I’d love to see it upgrade by the time SummerSlam comes around.
  • You can hear every fan’s comments, too. “Come on, Ohno! End it!”
  • Well, this wasn’t necessarily the best match to kick off a 4-episode special with the utmost potential, but it was okay.

RESULT: Kassius Ohno wins by pinfall.

Dominik Dijakovic vs. Luke Harper

  • Really disappointed to see that Harper is continuing the same gimmick, instead of being repackaged.
  • “Welcome back” chants for Harper must make him feel pretty good.
  • Dijakovic is one of the main people in NXT that I feel has world champion potential and it’s good to see him booked in a higher-profile match like this (even though it’s just Worlds Collide and it’s just against Haper, it’s still much better than something like beating a random Performance Center recruit that hasn’t settled on a name yet or whatever)
  • That being said, I hate the name “Dominik Dijakovic” not only in terms of pronouncing it, but typing it out. It’s kind of a bitch to say and type and I’d be up for a name change. You know Vince is going to want to shorten that somewhere down the line by making him just Dijakovic or something.
  • I love how they’re treating this like a Mania match with how they’re wearing each other down and such.
  • Not the biggest fan of the finish, though, particularly after the last match ending with a discus move.
  • I do like the handshake of respect after the match, however.

RESULT: Luke Harper wins by pinfall.

SAnitY vs. The Undisputed ERA

  • How far SAnitY has fallen…
  • Kyle O’Reilly always looks like he’s having the time of his life no matter what he’s doing. That’s awesome.
  • Since WWE clearly has no plans on pushing SAnitY in any fashion, part of me feels like Eric Young is the only one who should stay in WWE, and he should be repackaged in some fashion, while Alexander Wolfe (who I’m shocked hasn’t been shortened to just Wolfe) and Killian Dain (who must only be sticking around for Nikki Cross and how he’s a big guy) should go to AEW and try another shot at their careers elsewhere. They’ve been on the main roster for a year and this is what they were doing during WrestleMania Week.
  • Did Wolfe tweak his knee or something?
  • You know what this reminded me of, sadly? The type of matches you see in random indie shows where it’s someone who used to be a WWE Superstar and they’re going through the motions. The Undisputed ERA have all the potential in the world, but SAnitY seems so deflated.

RESULT: The Undisputed ERA wins by pinfall.

Roderick Strong vs. Tyler Breeze

  • “Roddy’s gorgeous” was a good chant to try to get started, but that dude failed at it. Sad face.
  • For being two of the better guys in the ring, I haven’t seen anything really worth reacting to quite yet.
  • Catching Breeze and not letting him execute The Beauty Shot was good, though.
  • The totally dead crowd doesn’t help this, that’s for sure. At least they’re starting to wake up. In a different environment, this would have been a great North American title match on a TakeOver event, had the title been created when Breeze as still in NXT.

RESULT: Tyler Breeze wins by pinfall.

Overall Thoughts

So there were several other matches that took place this same day at WrestleMania Axxess, but weren’t placed onto this special. Those matches were Candice LeRae and Mia Yim against Aliyah and Vanessa Borne (which will probably just be a dark match, but may be on the Women Collide show), Punishment Martinez against Kona Reeves (doesn’t fit the “former NXT” mold), No Way Jose against Eric Bugenhagen and Apollo Crews against Fabian Aichner.

The Jose/Bugenhagen and Crews/Aichner match does fit the theme, as Jose and Crews are former NXT roster members. Did they cut those because they wanted to trim this down to one hour, or are they going to air another time, or were they just supplemental and weren’t supposed to count?

Curious, but I think this has set a precedent that these remaining three episodes are very much skippable in a similar vein to WWE Main Event. However, I’ll be watching them all, and I invite you guys and gals to watch along with me as the next three air Wednesdays at 9pm the next three weeks!

What do you think about this special? Tell us your thoughts on Worlds Collide in the comments below!

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