WWE Worlds Collide: Women Collide Live Results and Reactions Review


Welcome to the live ongoing results page for the third of four WWE Worlds Collide specials! This edition is themed as “Women Collide” and will feature all of the matches involving the women’s division between these different brands.

This post will be a combination of a live review of my reactions of the matches as well as the overall results for those who haven’t checked the spoilers from WrestleMania Axxess.

Everything is set to air at 9pm EST on the WWE Network, so stay tuned for live coverage and keep refreshing for updates!

Candice LeRae vs. Kay Lee Ray

  • Oh hey, Mia Yim will be on commentary? That’s interesting and different.
  • Did they purpose book LeRae against Lee Ray for the names?
  • I mentioned this before, but I really hate how you can hear the air conditioning or the fans or whatever is making that buzzing/humming noise. It’s strange that they haven’t tried to edit that audio better.
  • I really hate how everybody does suicide dives now. It’s not safe and it doesn’t translate to as big of a pop as it used to. That being said, Candice did 3 good ones in a row, so hats off to her…even though I’m not wearing a hat right now.
  • Mia is pretty comfortable on commentary. She isn’t saying too much, but what she’s saying isn’t feeling awkward.
  • German suplex from the ropes was nice.
  • Candice uses a Lionsault as a finisher? I didn’t know that.

RESULT: Candice LeRae wins by pinfall.

Piper Niven vs. Zelina Vega

  • Talk about a one-sided match when it comes to size. Yeesh.
  • Zelina should have been in WWE SO many years ago. She carries herself so well, she’s sexy, and she knows what she’s doing.
  • Vader Bomb was one of my favorite moves.
  • Weak finisher for Niven. She needs something better than that, for sure.

RESULT: Piper Niven wins by pinfall.

Sonya Deville vs. Io Shirai

  • Man, I really want Sonya to turn babyface and get a legit push.
  • This is actually pretty good. I’m digging it and would like to see them revisit this down the line in the future.
  • It’s also neat to see a main roster person against an NXT person, instead of this just being NXT vs. NXT UK vs. 205 Live like it mostly is.
  • Very curious why they booked these two together, particularly. You’d think they would want Io Shirai to have some kind of a win to give her more momentum. I’m not complaining, though.

RESULT: Sonya Deville wins by pinfall.

NXT UK Women’s Championship Match: Toni Storm (c) vs. Bianca Belair vs. Nikki Cross

  • Somewhere down the line, Nikki Cross in NXT UK would make a lot of sense.
  • Cross pulling a Finlay with the apron, but on two people.
  • Digging the idea that Belair slammed Cross onto Storm and the referee started to count the pin.
  • Some loud smacks going on. Thumbs up.

RESULT: Toni Storm retained the title by pinfall.

The following are the other results from this set of tapings, which didn’t air on this special broadcast:

— Dana Brooke defeated Jessie Elaban

— Marina Shafir defeated Taynara Conti

— Aliyah and Vanessa Borne defeated Xia Li and Kavita Devi

— Kairi Sane defeated Jessamyn Duke

Kacy Catanzaro defeated Reina Gonzalez

— Lacey Lane defeated Deonna Purrazzo

Overall Thoughts

This was a random assortment, for sure, but that’s what made it fun. The whole point of Worlds Collide should be to do oddball matches between the brands. If I were to nitpick, I’d say they should have gone with a true main roster person in the NXT UK Women’s Championship match, rather than Nikki Cross, who still doesn’t have a brand association. Maybe that should have been Zelina Vega and Cross should have faced Niven? But that’s a nitpick. Overall, this was fine for a bonus episode of material. If this was a regular thing with no stakes, I wouldn’t watch this type of program, because it’s just Main Event in some regards, but I dig having something extra for the women’s division specifically.

What do you think about this special? Tell us your thoughts on Worlds Collide in the comments below!

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