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WWE WrestleMania II: A Worthy Sequel?


Match 1: The Magnificent Muraco (with Mr. Fuji) vs Paul Orndorff

For whatever reason, they decide to air the recorded comments of Muraco and Orndorff as the match starts. Muraco says that Orndorff was the embarrassment of WrestleMania and he’s going to be the embarrassment of WrestleMania 2 because Muraco has Mr. Fuji in his corner.

Orndorff says he’s been in the gym more than ever and that Muraco is going to be his.

The match starts out slowly with both guys feeling each other out. There’s a good trade of moves, Orndorff shoots Muraco into the ropes, Muraco bodyslams him, Orndorff kicks Muraco, gets up and slams Muraco. Muraco then gets Orndorff into the corner. There’s a flurry of moves and Orndorff getting Muraco on the mat into an armbar. Muraco gets up and tries to break the hold and Orndorff manages to get him back into the armbar. Orndorff maintains control of the momentum, not letting go of Muraco’s arm.

Muraco turns the tide by getting Orndorff on his shoulders into what looks like a slow Samoan Drop. Things quickly turn into a fist fight with both men going over the ropes to the floor. Ref calls for the bell without a visible ten count.

Orndorff gets back into the ring with chair and the crowd is chanting ‘Bullshit’ at the ref.

The Winner: Both men are disqualified

Comments: This was a very good opener. Both men looked great and showed off impressive moves for such large guys. The ref’s double DQ didn’t make a lot of sense since neither man was outside for more than five seconds, but that might be due to different rules back then.

We go to Mr. T, who is with Smokin’ Joe and Haiti Kid, who are getting him ready for the fight. T says he doesn’t like to do a lot of talking before a match, he’s going to let his fists do the talking. He warns Piper that if Piper wants to fight dirty, he’ll fight dirty too. Then the promo gets hard to understand due to Finkel giving the ref’s decision.

Comments: I don’t have a whole lot to say about this promo, but I do wish Mr. T had been given a mouthpiece that could do the talking for him, but I guess since Captain Lou was going to be in Chicago, that wasn’t possible.

Match 2: Intercontinental Championship Match – ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage (with Miss Elizabeth) vs George ‘The Animal’ Steel

We start with George Steel already in the ring. Elizabeth gets a nice pop without being out there. Elizabeth and Savage have a full security detail, but especially Elizabeth.

We cut to a pre-recorded promo by Savage. Savage says that after tonight, Steel is going to know that he’s in the ring with the best in the world, the Macho Man.

The match starts out with Steel chasing Savage out of the ring and Savage playing up the cowardly heel. After a few more rounds of this, Steel finally gets a hold of Savage and bites him on the calf. We finally get a lock up with Steel lifting Savage up and throwing him down. Steel punches Savage before being distracted by Elizabeth, giving Savage a chance to regroup, tangling Steel into the ropes and kicking him several times before letting him go and going to the top turnbuckle. We get a sloppy crossbody that Savage tries to turn into a pin but Steel powers out and sends Savage to the floor.

Elizabeth goes to help Savage and Savage climbs back in to the fists of Steel before being sent back outside. Steel looks for Savage, but Savage sneaks up behind him and hits him with a knee. Steel responds by biting Savage’s arm. Steel and Savage trade blows before Savage goes back outside, returning with the flowers Steel meant for Elizabeth and smacking Steel with them, Steel responds in kind before sending Savage to the turnbuckle.

Steel then starts chewing through the turnbuckle cover, Savage comes up behind him but Steel blinds him with turnbuckle fluff. After a few goes of this, Savage goes back outside, followed by Steel.

Steel chases Savage around the ring before being distracted by Elizabeth, giving Savage time to get inside the ring and doing a double ax handle from the top turnbuckle before throwing Steel back into the ring.

Savage goes to the top rope and hits his signature flying elbow drop for the pin, but to the shock of everyone, Steel kicks out. Steel then gets a hold of Savage’s nose and throws him into the corner. Steel gets distracted by the ref long enough for Savage to hit a double leg takedown and the pin, using the ropes for leverage.

Savage leaves to a quieter round of ‘Bullshit’ chants from the crowd. Steel is very upset and take it out on another turnbuckle and then tries to beat up the ref, who beats a hasty retreat.

The Winner: Randy Savage retains via pinfall, though how the ref missed his feet on the ropes is beyond me.

Comments: This was a weird but very good match. Steel was able to put on a good match with Savage while not totally breaking character. Savage was the classic cowardly heel who cheated to win, but still looked great doing it.

We are thrown to Chicago where Mean Gene is interviewing Bill Fralic and Big John Studd for the Battle Royale.

Fralic says that the talk’s over and begins to bad mouth Studd, calling him ‘The Dud’ (not a smart move, Bill). Studd gets mad and shoves are exchanged. Mean Gene tries to maintain order. Studd says Fralic has no class because he’s a football player. Studd says that he’s going to get his hands on Perry and calls Fralic a punk. He then warns Fralic that he’s not playing with a ball, and then proceeds to try and smash a football while Fralic doesn’t look impressed.

Fralic says they’ll find out in the match and continues to call Studd ‘Dud’.

We go back to Vince and Susan in Long island, who comment on the mayhem promised by the promo. Vince then asks Susan if she likes snakes. Susan says no, but that she hopes they won’t see the snake tonight. Vince won’t promise her that.

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