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WWE WrestleMania II: A Worthy Sequel?



WrestleMania 2, Part 2: Chicago

We’re thrown to Chicago and Gorilla Monsoon and Mean Gene. The Battle Royale is heavily hyped. Our guest commentator, Cathy Lee Crosby.

Match 5: Women’s Championship Match – The Fabulous Moolah vs Velvet McIntyre

There isn’t a lot to say about this match, it lasted less than two minutes. Moolah dominated from the start, but this was not a great effort from either woman.

The Winner: The Fabulous Moolah via pinfall after rolling out of the way from McIntyre’s splash from the top turnbuckle.

Comments: As a huge fan of women’s wrestling, this match was a horrible disappointment. The match just seemed to be a space filler.

We’re told that there’s going to be two referees for the tag title match. Okerlund asks Crosby who she’s got picked for the Battle Royale, NFL or WWF and Crosby admits that she did have the NFL picked but after meeting the wrestlers, she’s changing her pick.

Match 6: Flag Match – Corporal Kirchner vs Nikolai Volkoff (with Freddie Blassie)

This is the ‘USA vs USSR’ portion of the show. Volkoff starts the Soviet National Anthem but is interrupted by Kirchner coming out to what sounds like ‘The Caisson Song’. Kirchner is clad in Army fatigues and gets a good pop and a chorus of ‘USA’ chants.

Volkoff dominates from the start, but Kirchner gets the upper hand before stealing Blassie’s cane and KOing Volkoff with it after the ref had been pushed down.

The Winner: Kirchner via pinfall

Comments: As always, I admire Volkoff’s guts in singing the Soviet National Anthem in incredibly hostile crowds. Kind of strange that WWF would book the American to win in a shady way.

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